These days no student can blame that he or she is nor getting the chance of education. Being taught or getting educated is the birth right of all the kids. According to the learning management system Online education and teaching have emerged as the greatest blessing to the students who live in remote areas and are not able to achieve a good education. In lockdown when students had no choice to continue their studies and complete their courses and qualification then online learning emerged as a very favourable and beneficial option where students literally didn’t have to go to the school, instead school used to come to them. In online classes teachers teach the same way as in class but here students gather on a video conferencing or live class in an education app like classroom app. Technology has aided the education sector like software for school management & education apps like classroom apps that give assistance to the students while completing their assignments and various educational tasks related to their subjects. A school or college offers many courses but even then, they cannot compete with the capacity of an online learning system because they don’t have to look after much. In online classes they avail all the possible courses they can provide to the students so that any student can choose the course of his interest to study and also provide proper study material online regarding those courses.

Learning management system clarifies that in many aspects online classes are more affordable than offline courses because they provide ample amounts of study material and impose almost no cost for it. Online classes provide maximum content from different resources. Those students who cannot afford the high cost of education get a lot of help through online classes. Students get more comfortability in online classes as they are free from strict boundaries like uniform code, nothing to eat while studying, and to sit straight and disciplined. Apart from school discipline students can be seen sitting with stretched legs, in pajamas and also during online classes they can drink and eat according to their need and can study also meanwhile. Most funny thing is after a long day at online classes and being tired of studying, children don’t have to travel much from their study table to their bed to play video games. Earlier students used to shout and shout even then their voice of curiosity used to get muffled in the crowd of so many students but online education has bridged this gap also by connecting students with their mentors and instructors. Due to software for school management, today students can interact directly with not only their tutors but with their peer group also and can join an open discussion about the topic they are tangled with to get a wider and better opinion on it. While learning communication gap never comes between tutor and learner as a hurdle because with technological support and options a student can watch lectures anytime and also, he can raise his curiosity and questions whenever he wants in various teaching apps and if the tutor or mentor is available meanwhile then he can answer the query immediately or he can post answer afterwards in chat box of teaching app. 

Galore of knowledge is available online through which students can learn and increase the treasure of their knowledge to an unlimited extent. Tutors, learners, mentors, competitive exam trainers and various types of libraries are available online. These tutors have experience of bookish to practical knowledge so they can provide best of the best knowledge regarding any topic the student wants to know that too without going anywhere. In online teaching methods the term “Focus” gets important a lot. Here at a digital platform, a teacher is able to put his focus on each and every student on the screen with the help of various options in online teaching portals. On the other hand, students who usually could not get proper attention in a crowded class of 30-40 students get to ask questions directly to the teacher without hesitation and get addressed and solution also particularly to their queries. Teaching material is easy to be demonstrated on screen to each and every student and they get to understand it also in an elucidated manner.

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