What is Gloria Gaither’s health?

Gloria Gaither Health is a non-profit organization that strives to make health care more accessible and less expensive for low-income families. It utilizes telehealth in order to remotely provide medical services. Founded in 2003, Gloria Gaither Health has been incredibly successful in making a difference across the United States and Canada. Its mission is to “enhance access, reduce disparities, and improve quality of life for patients through innovative approaches”.

Gloria Gaither Health was founded by Laura A. Gaither and her husband, renowned gospel music minister, Rev. Billy Graham. Gloria Gaither Health has been a huge success since its founding. Its team includes current and former employees from Stanford University’s School of Medicine, the University of Michigan Medical School, UCLA Medical Center, MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio as well as Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. 

Since its founding in 2003 by Laura A. Gaither and Rev. Billy Graham, Gloria Gaither Health has managed to illustrate that health care can be both accessible and affordable to low-income families.


Gloria Gaither Health provides a 1% donation on all of its services. It also gives 1% of all revenue gained to charity. 90% of the money is spent on equipment for telehealth and ongoing training for doctors, nurses and employees. Gloria Gaither Health utilizes telehealth through video conferencing, allowing patients to have their services performed from the comfort of their own home or bedroom. This service is provided by over 500 physicians and specialists who are located across the United States, Canada and Europe. 

Most services are done remotely, but some medical specialists in plastic surgery perform procedures while they are physically with the patient who is in another location. Telehealth allows patients to avoid daily travel to a doctor’s office, saving their time and money. Gloria Gaither Health is committed to providing the highest quality of care for its patients at a lower cost than traditional healthcare. The service encompasses a wide range of health services, including:


Gloria Gaither Health has more than 500 physicians across the world who provide over 200 medical services remotely. These medical services include family practice, internal medicine, OB/GYN, pediatrics and other areas of expertise. Each physician has been trained in delivering comprehensive and primary care using telehealth technology that is consistent with the high values of the CBE model (Comprehensive Care in the Community).

Behavioral Health:

Gloria Gaither Health’s Behavioral Health service involves the delivery of mental health services to individuals and families in their homes. The program provides care wherever a client is located. Their team of counselors and therapists specialize in providing mental health services to low-income patients. Because Gloria Gaither Health strives to make healthcare affordable, they do not require any copayment for their services. 


Since dental treatments are one of the most expensive areas of medical care, it is important to have this service provided through telehealth. Gloria Gaither Health offers this service as part of their Advanced Dental Care Program. This coverage allows patients to receive hundreds of dental treatments with a single monthly premium. All dental procedures are performed by dentists at the same time they would be performed in an office setting. 


Gloria Gaither Health’s ophthalmology services allow patients to receive their routine and emergency ophthalmological care from the comfort of their home or bedroom. Their medical staff will perform all forms of vision-related care, including eyeglasses and contact lenses, surgical procedures, and eyewear repairs.


Gloria Gaither Health provides this service to patients in the comfort of their own home. The radiology department is staffed with specialists who are trained to perform tests such as mammograms and fluoroscopy, which helps to detect illness or abnormalities in patients. These procedures are done on site through a webcam, but the technology is very advanced and works just as well as traditional radiologists would perform these tasks. 

Diagnostic Imaging: 

Patients receive various diagnostic imaging services such as x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs and others from Gloria Gaither’s expert staff of physicians. These imaging services are innovative and affordable for any patient who needs them. 

Physical Therapy:

Gloria Gaither Health provides physical therapy to patients through telehealth. This service is provided by a professional physical therapist at the same time and location as the patient, who is in another location. The physical therapist can work with the patient from their own home or even in their own bathroom. 


This service allows patients to receive routine and emergency optometry care from Gloria Gaither Health’s optometrists, who will come to them at home or wherever they may be located.


Gloria Gaither Health has been able to improve access to gynecology services for low-income women. Their program provides comprehensive women’s health care, including pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. Gloria Gaither Health also provides family planning and abortion services. If a patient needs assistance with refilling their prescription medications or needs assistance with other medications that they may be taking, the program will provide this service as well. 

Health Coach:

This service allows a patient’s primary care physician to consult with them on any issues they may have regarding their overall health or if they need help with medication management or self-management of diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease.

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