Considering the steadily increasing popularity of gym wear over the last few years, it seems that fitness clothing has become the latest craze for everyone. They seem to be the rage these days, with many people boasting about their latest purchases and various activewear brands proudly showing off their gym apparel range. While this surely indicates that as a nation, Australia is becoming more aware of the benefits of a fit and healthy life, it also means that people are now realising the importance of having functional fitness clothing for all physical activities. Therefore, whether you are a fitness freak or a beginner, you need to own a few good gym clothes for a comfortable workout session, and you can start your collection with a pair of squat-proof leggings. However, before anything else, you first need to understand what squat-proof gym leggings are and whether your workout pants are squat-proof or not.

What Are Squat-proof Leggings?

Before understanding how to check whether your gym pants are squat-proof or not, it is essential to know the characteristics of such leggings first. They are nothing but leggings made from high-quality materials that don’t become transparent when stretched. While performing various stretching exercises like squatting, the leggings can become see-through if the pant fabric is not thick enough. Activewear that does not become partly transparent when you bend down or squat is perceived as squat-proof.

How to Check If Your Leggings Are Squat-proof?

The best way of checking whether your gym apparel is squat-proof is by trying them out before buying. You can put on your leggings, squat before the mirror, and check if your underwear is showing. Using a darker shade of underwear would be best for checking if there is any exposure. However, it might not always be possible to check it out this way, especially if you buy them online. In such cases, make sure you purchase fitness clothing from a trusted gym clothing brand so you do not have to return the item repeatedly.

What Material Is Best for Your Squat-proof Leggings?

The fabric quality of your gym wear is a vital factor to consider while buying squat-proof leggings. Your athleisure should be made of high-quality materials, ideally, a combination of nylon and spandex, so that they can be stretchable and comfortable for a long workout session and yet not see-through. The material should be durable, suitable for extended wear, and good enough for wicking the sweat away and controlling the body temperature. Your leggings can be seamless or have double seams that do not chafe the skin.

Is it better to buy branded fitness clothing?

You would surely not want to buy expensive yet unbranded activewear only to discover while working out at the gym that your leggings are not as squat-proof as claimed. That is why it is better to purchase them from trusted fitness wear brands to be sure that your workout clothes are exactly as they are supposed to be.


Buying gym apparel made of the right fabric is crucial as it’s the material quality that determines whether your leggings will be squat-proof or not. Only the ideal combination of materials can ensure that your fitness clothing is not see-through, saggy, or lacking in elasticity. Only when you buy good quality leggings from a well-known activewear brand, can you be sure that your gym pants are squat-proof, fit your body snugly and comfortably, and look flattering.

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