Arranging the wine shelves every time you buy a new Shiraz bottle is a struggle. Your love for the liquor keeps increasing while storage space continues to shrink. 

But, what’s the solution?

Organize your modular wine rack with these covert hacks to let your passion and wine stash grow!

Here’re the best ways to make way for more wine and aesthetics in your home!

1. Coordinate the colours!

Primarily, there are five wine colours to keep in mind before structuring your cellar. They are: 

With each segment of your rack assigned to a particular colour, it’ll be easier to find a bottle instead of rummaging through the entire collection. Furthermore, you can also arrange your stash from deep-coloured to light-coloured liquor. 

Now you know, pick your wine bottles even when the lights are out!

2. Arrange with age!

Your fine wine demands some shelf time to age. 

With that being said, now you have another option to stock your liquor in the most structured fashion. Such an organization will make it very easy for you to pick your usual post-dinner glass and a special-occasion sip. 

Note: Keep the regular wines at the easily accessible levels while the aged ones are at the top or in the lower bottom section.

3. Reorganize as per the region!

Do you prefer Pinot Grigio from Italy or Chardonnay from France?

You can arrange your wine collection as per the country or region they come from. Organizing in this manner will have two benefits:

Moreover, it will give you the perfect opportunity to impress your hosts as per their wine preferences as well. 

4. Structure according to the stock variety

If your wine collection ranges from 50 to 100, arranging them as per the variety is a good option. Essentially, all your Riesling will be stocked on a different shelf than your Syrah. This will sort out your liquor assortment in both the colour structured manner and the type arrangement. 

5. Systematize as per the supplier

Whether you like your wine from a specific producer or want to taste the liquor from renowned ones, arrangement with the supplier in mind makes the stocking easy. Additionally, you can also stash your collection in the order of vintage from the respective makers. 

6. Organize for the occasion

This arrangement will allow you to store your wines on the basis of your feelings for consumption. So, if you’re feeling overjoyed with the promotion or need a relaxing liquor for the evening, you will know which shelf to reach out to. 

You can even label the shelves to give a unique personal touch to your organizational system. 

Note: If you’re a wine connoisseur, it’s likely that your collection will keep on growing. That’s why it’s better to opt for a wine rack that can be rearranged and added upon. 

To conclude

When you have a huge wine collection, it’s next to impossible to remember the position and placement of every bottle. But, with a great arrangement system in your modular wine rack, you can let them rise from your inventory and pose no challenge for your benefit.

So, now you can relish your wine tasting in the most structured manner!

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