Reasons Why Games Are Getting More Popular In The Past Decade


The ones who love playing video games have a lot of reasons to be happy. Video games produced more than $35 billion in revenue in 2017, which is up from around $18.5 billion back in 2006. No other leisure activity has come close to touching the video game market’s success levels, and that’s amazing news for the gaming industry and its mostly-young consumers — most of whom are interested in playing games because they’re fun and exciting. Project m tier list is a good place to get started with the video game and most players who want to win will use it.

Video game revenue growth correlates with increased interest from the general public. Some analysts believe that the explosive growth of mobile gaming has caused these increases, but other factors are also at play. For example, digital games are becoming more popular than physical ones, and that trend may be driving additional revenue growth by allowing developers to sell their games without having to print up packaging or disks.

Reasons Why Games Are Getting More Popular In The Past Decade :

1. The Internet

Gamers are certainly excited by the advent of internet connectivity, especially as it relates to playing video games with friends. Online play allows video game enthusiasts to connect with other gamers anywhere in the world, making the hobby even more global than it used to be. The internet has also made playing multiplayer games against strangers more viable for many people, although there are still several titles that require players to be in close proximity before they can interact in a meaningful way.

2. Greater Accessibility

The growing number of games that can be played on smartphones or consoles is another big reason why these products have been popular over the past decade or so. Many of today’s titles were released as ports of cell phone games, making them more affordable to potential consumers than ever before. Likewise, companies like Sony and Microsoft have made it easier for people to buy console games by selling their products at retail stores. The instant availability of digital content is another key component of the growing popularity of video games.

3. Social Acceptability

While many people are still surprised when they meet someone who admits that they play video games, the stigma surrounding this hobby has largely disappeared from popular culture. In fact, many celebrities and athletes now credit video gaming with helping to develop their skills as competitors in other arenas. 

Video gaming has also made it easier to play with friends, which has probably contributed to its popularity a great deal. When video games are so much more convenient than they used to be, it’s easier for people to integrate them into their lifestyles in positive ways.

4. Improved Graphics

Video game graphics have gotten better and better over the past decade or so, and the technology is continuing to advance at a rapid pace. In the future, most video games will feature hyper-realistic character models and high-definition graphics that will make playing with digital avatars even more immersive than it is today. Improved graphics have also made it easier for many people to play games without having to buy a dedicated console. 

5. Game Studios

Game studios that produce some of the best-selling titles of the decade are increasingly focusing on developing games with multiplayer components. Some titles have become so popular because they allow players to interact with relatively unknown actors or sports stars, which has added an element of social appeal for many people. Mobile game studios are also more likely than ever to try out niche concepts that may not have been economically viable in the past.

6. Mobile Devices

The growing number of mobile devices has definitely helped to put video games in front of more consumers than ever before. Smartphones and tablet PCs have especially improved the gaming experience for those who want to play on the go. In fact, many gamers are now buying console-like systems from Microsoft and Sony that allow them to play certain games without having a desktop or home theater PC. While most mobile titles don’t offer the same level of immersion as traditional games, they’re just as captivating for many people — especially those who don’t have a lot of extra cash.

7. New Games

Video games haven’t always been as popular as they are today, and even relatively new titles can sometimes enjoy massive sales. For the most part, video games aren’t treated the same way that movies and other entertainment media are, but that doesn’t mean that companies aren’t trying to make worthwhile products. 

Even if a game is mediocre on paper, it can still be financially successful for a number of reasons. That’s especially true for games that are part of a franchise and related to popular cultural icons.


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