A training department for a software as a service company is always in high demand. With so many competitive companies and startups launching every day, this position has become especially important. Trainual 27m series altos. Here is how to excel in your new role.

1. Get To The Know Your Team’s Roles And Responsibilities

When you are starting a new job, it is important to get a feel for how the team works together. This means you need to know who is in charge of which area and what tasks they are responsible for. If you don’t already have a handle on that, it’s important you do some research right away to catch up. It’s easier than ever to access company documents and resources online so there’s no reason not to get up-to-speed as fast as possible.

2. Know The Business

There are a wide variety of ways to find out about the business side of your new position. You can ask questions and engage in conversations with the other team members, as well as reading company documents and press releases to learn about products and services.

The business models that work for a SaaS company like your employer depend on the type of product you are selling. Start learning about the different types of software solutions that are out there and how they work so you can get an idea what customers are looking for.

3. Become An Expert On Your Product

The developer and the customer both need to be satisfied with the product. You, as a trainer, help both sides to achieve success. Don’t just stay on your side of the fence and expect to be happy with that. Dive in and figure out how your training can improve everyone’s experience. A good training department’s first responsibility is to ensure the people coming through their doors know what they’re buying and making it as clear and concise as possible on how to use it properly. 

This means you need to be an expert on your company’s product. You can learn this by reading the features and benefits, watching videos that show how it works, getting samples of what other people may have created with your product, looking at case studies and generally familiarizing yourself with everything there is to know about the solution.


4. Help Promote The Company

Your manager also needs to know that you are doing a good job promoting their product. The best way to do this is through regularly attending sessions and webinars about the product. This is where you get an opportunity to learn about the challenges your company is facing and the future directions they are taking.

The main job of a training department is to bring in new customers, so they have a lot of responsibility when it comes to those goals. Because of this, you need to help get the word out. Some strategies might include running social media campaigns and posting new content on their blog or website.

5. Be Present In The Community

You need to be a part of your industry’s community. Some of the best ways to do that are attending and speaking at conferences. You can also join online forums where people talk about your product, as well as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter groups related to your industry.

Sales are a major goal for training departments, but they also have to be part of the community around their company as well. In order to do this you need to get in touch with other experts in your profession and make sure they stay up-to-date on what’s happening at your company. This will help them help their customers with the products they sell, so it’s critical you stay in touch with them on that level too.

6. Give Feedback

Most training departments know building a great product isn’t enough to make it a success, but they also need to show the customer how useful and beneficial it is. That’s where customer service comes in. Part of your job is to answer questions and concerns customers have about your product. Part of this is also giving feedback to other departments, so they can use that information to make improvements and respond faster the next time a customer has a question.

A good training department is always looking for ways it can improve its suite of courses, products and services for customers. The best way to get feedback is by keeping track of how satisfied people are in using what your department puts out there. You can do this through surveys, questionnaires or even conversations with students who have just gone through the course or users of your brand new product.


By following these 6 guidelines, you will be able to excel as a training professional, which means you will also become invaluable to your company and be able to have a lot of say when it comes to its overall goals and objectives.

Training software is critical for company success when it comes to their sales team’s ability to deliver results, but it’s not enough anymore just to provide one-on-one training.

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