Movie nights are a great way to spend a Friday night with friends. They’re low-pressure, they’re inexpensive and they tend to get people talking and laughing.Hastings entertainment albuquerque nm is a great place for entertaining!  However, there are some people who just don’t grasp the concept of movie nights and end up ruining them. To help those people out, we’ve put together this list of 10 pieces of advice you must listen to before embarking on movie nights. 

10 Advice That You Must Listen Before Embarking On Movie Nights :

1. Know The Movie 

Before you go out to watch a movie, it’s important to have an idea of what the movie is about and what kind of mood it’s going for. For example, if you’re watching a romantic comedy then try to base your humor on that. If the movie has a plot that requires a lot of character development, then try not to discuss it too much with other people.

2. Dress In Moderation 

Whether you’re going out to watch Star Wars or a romantic drama, remember that this is supposed to be fun and everyone finds something different interesting. Don’t be afraid of dressing up in moderation because everyone else is doing the same thing. If you’re wearing a high fashion outfit, then you’ll stand out and you won’t be able to fit into the group.

3. Arrive At The Right Time 

Don’t arrive too early because it can feel a bit awkward if everyone has already settled in their spots. Also, don’t arrive late because the movie will have gotten over and you’ll be missing out on all sorts of fun inside jokes that only people in your group would understand! Make sure to get there at least 15 minutes before the start time so that everyone has enough time to settle in.

4. Treat Your Spouse With Respect 

Take this seriously, because you should treat your spouse with respect at all times. You shouldn’t make fun of the movie or tell your spouse that you’re bored and would rather be doing something else. You should also refrain from any loud, boisterous behavior that could disturb other people in the theater. Remember, this is supposed to be a wonderful night for everyone and you don’t want to ruin it.

5. Don’t Share Your Snacks 

When you go to the theater, you can purchase sweets and drinks from the nearby store. If you’ve managed to carry some food from home, then don’t get tempted to share them with other people in the theater. This isn’t just because it could get messy, but also because this isn’t supposed to be a competitive night with other people. You’re supposed to have fun and relax with your friends and family!

6. Don’t Be Loud And Obnoxious 

A movie night is a night where you don’t have to talk about stressful things and yet still enjoy what’s going on in front of you. That’s why you shouldn’t try to make up for the lack of words by being loud and obnoxious. It just won’t work out and people may end up hating you for it. There’s no need to talk when there’s a movie playing, so just sit back and enjoy your evening!

7. Don’t Criticize The Movie 

Don’t make the mistake of critiquing the movie or suggesting how it could have been better in any way. Not only will this annoy everyone else in the room, but it will also distract you from watching what’s going on. Remember, this isn’t a place where you’re supposed to talk too much and if you try to make the most of your time by doing so, then it defeats the purpose of movie nights.

8. Don’t Call Out To The Person Who’s Screening It 

Yes, there are some movies that may have a few mistakes on them and others where the screening might have been done in a way that makes it almost impossible to see what’s going on! However, don’t call out to the person who’s screening it because not everyone has perfect vision. Instead of pointing out every little mistake, just enjoy yourself and try to look past these things.

9. Don’t Discuss Anything About The Movie After It’s Over 

When the movie has finished, don’t discuss anything about it. For example, if you found a part in a movie boring or if you thought that the ending was terrible, then don’t say anything about it to other people after the movie has finished. If you’re going to say something to your friend about how you were bored by a certain scene, then there’s no reason why you should talk about this with anyone else afterwards.

10. Have Fun! 

Remember, this should be a fun experience for everyone and so just try to enjoy the time out doing something different and relaxing.

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