What is community incomm?

Community incomm is a place for people to hang out and talk about weird, random topics that their crazy minds come up with. They are all over the internet, but this article will teach you how to get started on it. So, are you ready to learn how to become a community incomm member?

What do I need to start?

Well, I guess that’s the hard part. All you really need is an internet connection, but you can’t just start away. To get started at community incomm, you’ll need some sort of computer (I don’t know what the future will have in store for us all). If your computer is older than 5 years old, then it won’t be able to run the software. I own a laptop, but I don’t know if older computers like my iPod Touch can run the software. But even if it can’t, you could always download an app and use that.

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Download an app!

I’ll start with the easiest for you. To download an app, go to the App Store or iTunes (Apple device support) and search for “Community incomm”. You search bar should pop up (I think it’s a blue icon), click on the Community incomm icon, then download and open the Community incomm app onto your device. Then wait for it to get downloaded and install.

Step 2: Setting up the app.

Now that you have the Community incomm App on your device, you need to set it up to use it. To set it up, sign in with your Reddit account (or if you don’t have a Reddit account, create one). When I made my Reddit account, I made a username that resembled my real life name so that people could tell who is who on this app and what not.

Once you do that, click “continue”, then go back to the home page.

Step 3: Use the app!

Now that you’ve finished half of community incomm, you can finally use it! Scroll down on the home page until you see “home feed”. Now click on that, and you’ll see all the posts being posted in community incomm, with you being the moderator (by default).

Step 4: Post, post, post to your heart’s content!

Now that you have everything set up, go ahead and try posting something. Hopefully it’ll work out! You can always ask a question on the app by clicking “Ask me a question” in the upper left corner. You can also mark posts as read through the lower right corner of your screen.

What to post?

All sorts of stuff! And I mean, all sorts of stuff! Post anything and everything that goes through your mind, just as long as it isn’t rude or offensive. It’s a safe place for all members. If you’re posting a picture, make sure it’s appropriate for younger audiences (you don’t want to show nudity and curse words). You can post websites that you think other users will enjoy going to. You can even post pictures of some sort.


1. You can find like-minded people with similar interests as you!

2. There’s no ads (I think).

3. You don’t have to log in to use the app!

4. It runs smoothly on my iPod Touch 4th gen, so it should run on any other device (5th gen and up).

5. You get your own username (if you want one) that you can tell others about who you are and what not.

6. There is no limit of how many posts or comments you can make! (That means, there is no limit of how much time you can spend on community incomm)


1. You need an internet connection, so there’s that.

2. The Community incomm app won’t run perfectly on old devices, or even computers.

3. As of right now, there are only two apps (and a single page) to use on Community incomm.

4. You can’t make your own subreddits! (If you want to make your own subreddit, go to www.reddit.com and create your account!)

5. It can get boring after a while since you can only talk about random things for so long! (Don’t worry though, you’ll have plenty to talk about)

6. It’s not complete. (If you want to add a feature, or if you have an idea/bug report, shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to help!)

7. It’s new, so there may be some bugs or kinks to work on. (If anyone has any problems with the app or suggestions on how to improve Community incomm, give me a shout and I’ll do my best to help! But please read the Disadvantages section for more information about what can go wrong). Now that you have the Community incomm App on your device, you need to set it up to use it. To set it up, sign in with your Reddit account (or if you don’t have a Reddit account, create one).

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