Don’t like the taste of kratom? Worry not. You can still enjoy this herb and bask in its beautiful effects. Here is how you can use kratom when you don’t wish to taste its bitterness, only experience its benefits. 

Take capsules or softgels 

Instead of powder, take kratom softgels or capsules. This is one of the easiest ways to bypass the bitterness of the herb. Simply swallow the capsule or softgel and your tastebuds won’t know a thing about bitter. 

However, not everybody is a fan of pills. And if you are already taking vitamin supplements, you may not want to add more pills to your routine. 

Here’s what you can do:

Chew gummies

Those fruit-flavored small chunks filled with the goodness of kratom promise to titillate your tastebuds. Gummies generally contain sugar, so if you are diabetic, you may want to skip this option. 

Also, gummies contain pure kratom extract. This means the alkaloids are highly concentrated, all set to “tease” the mu-opioid receptors of your brain. So beware! Go easy on your chewing. 

Products like Tropical Kratom Gummies are flying off the shelves because they beautifully camouflage the herb’s bitterness, yet provide the desired effects to the fullest. 

Mix powder in food and drink

Those adamant about using the powdered form of kratom have several options to camouflage the bitterness: 

A little creativity can help you enjoy the powdered form of kratom. 

Be patient and develop a taste

It is also about developing a taste for the herb. Many people cringe when the bitterness hits their tastebuds. Slowly, they get used to it, and then they, no longer, feel the bitterness. 

Take kratom shots

Kratom shots are pure kratom extracts in liquid form. Kratom in Florida is available as shots. Of course, they are bitter; but the thing is, you quickly gulp it down. It is only a few ml. The aftertaste might linger, which you can tackle by eating something sweet thereafter. 

A few vendors sell shots infused with added flavors. But we would recommend trying the unflavored shots. Why feed your body with added flavors, eh? 
Get them by searching “kratom near me.” Make sure you deal with only authentic vendors.

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