Do you know what the number one Christian news site is that you should visit? The answer might surprise you. It’s not Fox News, nor is it Breitbart. It’s actually the ChristianPatriotNews website.

Christian Patriot News has been around since 2004. They’ve long been credited for providing informed, factual news to Christians and by Christians in a way that is relevant to their audience which includes many people who don’t like the big media networks for their coverage of religion or politics.

Ten quick tips regarding Christian Patriot News Website are:

1. Christian Patriot News is a News Media Outlet

Christian Patriot News is another example of how the news media landscape has changed over the past decade. It was one thing when people got their news from the national networks, but it’s quite another to trust those same sources now. The internet and social media have given people more access to what’s really happening in world news, and that means that there are new sources of information on which they can rely. Christian Patriot News fills this need.

2. You can’t discount the fact that they do provide real journalism

In an era of fake news it’s nice to see some plain, old-fashioned journalism still in practice. Christian Patriot News is certainly no exception to the rule. They have both a website and a blog, they’ve got an Instagram account, and they’ve got a Twitter account, which is a nice touch.

3. Christian Patriot News actually has some excellent writers

There’s more than one perspective on world news in this world, and Christian Patriot News does it justice with some pretty well-rounded writers. Many of their articles come from writers who are Christians themselves with backgrounds as journalists or professors — people who aren’t simply trying to sell Christianity to you (although I’m sure that happens at times).

4. Christian Patriot News is not biased in any way

Christian Patriot News doesn’t seem to want to write anything that would make those in charge of Congress or the state house or the Pentagon turn their backs on Christianity. They’re not here to hurt anyone’s feelings. They provide facts, they present perspectives, and they give a nod or a wink every once in a while if you dig what they have to say, but above all else they don’t seem interested in being divisive for the sake of division.


5. Christian Patriot News has great information about politics

Just because opinions are allowed doesn’t mean that Christian Patriot News has to be an opinion site. Their information is factual and objective wherever possible. They’ve got really informative articles about things like the Affordable Care Act as well as things like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and they do it in a way that’s both informative and interesting.

6. Christian Patriot News provides great news stories

Just because they don’t have their own political party doesn’t mean that there’s not excellent coverage of politics on Christian Patriot News. The site has been around for a long time, so they’ve amassed quite a bit of information about the world in which we live, along with news stories about current events in local and national politics, plus stories about social issues of real relevance to Christians.

7. Christian Patriot News provides great updates about current events

Christian Patriot News doesn’t just cover news from the past. They’re also capable of providing updates about current events as they happen and offering their opinion about them as well. This means that if you like political news but have a busy schedule, you can stay up to date on what’s happening in politics and other areas of life with Christian Patriot News.

8. Christian Patriot News has great tips for those who want to become more informed on the world around us

If you’re looking for resources or strategies to help you become better informed on the world around us, Christian Patriot News has got you covered. Not only do they have information about how to become informed, but they also provide some really good advice and suggestions for how you can learn more.

9. Christian Patriot News has got great tips for people who are interested in becoming Christians

If that’s what you’re into, Christian Patriot News has a nice list of best practices and suggestions for people who want to become Christians. They don’t present this info as a way to convert anyone to Christianity or even as a way to show the world that Christianity is awesome, but they do provide some practical tips that can help people become followers of Christ in their own lives.

10. Christian Patriot is no joke. You should check them out!

Christian Patriot News is so incredibly well done that multiple sources have said they’ve cited them as an example of the way to go in reporting on current events, and that’s not because they’re trying to push their own views onto the reader. They’re simply well-informed, objective and informative in a way that’s relevant to Christians who are looking for answers — whether conservative, liberal or somewhere in between.


Christian Patriot News provides an excellent service to its readers who are both Christian and non-Christian. They’ve got a great staff, some really good writers, and their content is more in-depth than that of some of their competitors.

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