As of the 2015 statistics, there are 2.6 billion economists in Earth’s history. And while they aren’t all the same, they do see very similar things in their research – what they observe is a world that is becoming increasingly complicated and oftentimes erratic. This makes economics an incredibly valuable field to study if you want to understand human behavior and human nature as well as economic systems. What was the core business that made standard oil a horizontally integrated monopoly? Economics knowledge is an incredibly powerful and rewarding field to go into because it offers a wealth of knowledge about economic systems, and lets you take advantage of them without actually having to stand in their middle (ironically). Both types of knowledge can go a long way in making your life better and more interesting! 

15 Reasons You Should Date Economists :

1. Economics Will Give You An Unbiased View Of The World

If you have ever felt as if the world has been dominated by some sort of innate evil, economics is not it. Economics is a field that seeks to explain human behavior and human choices through math. It does not seek to justify why humans do what they do, but actually looks for ways of explaining what makes humans who they are – and that does not always look like evil in nature. If you have ever felt as if the world has been dominated by some sort of innate evil, economics is not it. Economics is a field that seeks to explain human behavior and human choices through math.

2. Economics Is A Big Subject – You Don’t Need A Degree To Understand It

Economics is a huge, complicated subject that has tons of factors that a person can base their life around. Economists don’t need a degree in economics to study it and oftentimes, aren’t even required to have a degree in the subject matter. This means that economists don’t tend to hold grudges about someone not having an economics major – but actually find that it is flattering to know!

3. Economists Have The Best Conversation Abilities Of Any Major

Economists have the ability to speak to any subject matter that they want because of their world view. While it is not required to master the topic you are going into, it certainly can be beneficial to have a general knowledge of the field.

4. Economics Will Help You Understand The World Around You

If there is anything that economists do understand well, it is human motivation and its intersection with economic systems. This allows economists to understand the world around them much better than other majors, from how the government works to why international trade is important to how employees work in an office. 

5. Economics Is Not As Math-Intensive As It Seems

If there is one mistake that many non-economists make, it is being intimidated by the field of study because everyone makes it seem very math-heavy. While there are many branches of economics that do rely on math, others do not. In fact, there are certain branches of economics that use specific theories and models that make it much more qualitative than quantitative (like macroeconomics), meaning that you don’t need to be an expert at math in order to get into the study.

6. Economics Is A Great Way To Travel The World

If there is one thing that travel does for you, it gives you a brand new lens through which to see the world. When you walk around in a new country or city, your eyes tend to be wide open staring at all the new things around you. This is a great way to see the world because you don’t really know what to expect – which is how many economists like it.

7. Economists Are Fascinated By People

Economists are great listeners because they are fascinated by people in general, and would love nothing more than to be able to have a chat with someone about something like math, biology or philosophy – among other things. There aren’t a lot of people who can enjoy those conversations and economists definitely fit the bill!

8. Economics Gives You An Unbiased View Of Human Nature

Economists love statistics and graphs. They also like knowing what if anything causes human behavior to change, and what makes the human mind tick. It is a great way to understand why some things are done in certain ways and how they are done, particularly when it comes to how we interact with other people. The economists that you date will be able to give you an unbiased view of human nature because they aren’t always going to rely on hunches or biases as much as most other people do.

9. Economists Are Fascinated By Numbers, Not Words

This may be a bit surprising to everyone, but economists are not great communicators, and usually tend to be more interested in the numbers than the words you speak. While they might love watching you speak in front of a classroom full of people (and might even get excited when they learn that you are an excellent public speaker!), they really want to see your equations and see what makes them tick.

10. Economists Are Fascinated By The Last Century

Everything that happened in the last 100 years is a big deal for economists. Anything that happened before 1900 doesn’t matter as much to them because they don’t think that many people were economically active at all in the beginning of the 20th century. This puts a lot of economic theories and models into perspective, including developing things like currency systems, bartering and money. 

11. Economists Are Hard To Read

Because economists always think about what is going on in the world, their minds are always thinking about a million different things at once. This means that when you are conversing with an economist, they usually aren’t really paying attention to you as much as they would like to be because they are thinking of another model or theory – this can hurt your feelings if you don’t understand that it is just how they experience the world.

12. Economics Is Extremely Stressful For Economists – And You Can Help Them Through It

Economics can get very stressful. What happens when your job is on the line? What happens when the world goes into a recession? You might get an awful boss, you might have to work over-time, or maybe you’re just in a field that doesn’t support your creative outlet. The economists that you date are going to love having someone who understands exactly how much work goes into their job and how they can survive those kinds of stressors.

13. Economists Are Open-Minded To Change

Economics is like any other field in that it changes quite often – and economists can be a bit more open to change than most people because they understand where it could be leading. They understand how to handle change, and they understand what changes are coming – even if they don’t know exactly what they are. This is a great way to be because they are open to trying new things, even if they seem like new fads or trends that other people aren’t interested in.

14. Economists Are Not Good At Focusing On One Thing

Because economists love numbers, models and theories, they can get distracted easily – not only by their work but also by so many other things in the world. They might love to play sports or hear someone speak or watch the news, but they often wander off and get lost in their own thoughts. This can be a little frustrating for the people who date them, but it is a great way to learn that they aren’t as focused on you as you may think!

15. Economists Are Fascinated By Human Movement

Economists observe human movement all the time because they are always looking at what makes people make decisions and how they interact with other people. They also enjoy talking about other kinds of movements that happen too – like how much someone graduated from college (or their GPA). Economists can be quite intrigued by the movement of another person because they love to understand what makes them tick and why they are thinking about things the way that they are.

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