What is Vistaprint Jamberry?

Vistaprint Jamberry is a subsidiary of Vistaprint, Inc. that manufactures disposable nail art including temporary tattoos and decorative wraps. Jamberry Nails was created by Yvonne Davies in 2005 and it quickly became very popular among women aged 18 to 35.

In 2015, Vistaprint acquired the company for $52 million she said because the annual sales of nails were reaching $500 million a year. In 2016, they launched their own line of fashion accessories with an emphasis on creating affordable but high-quality jewelry pieces for consumers looking for innovative beauty products.

Importance of the card:

The card is important because it shows that with intelligent marketing, Vistaprint can be successful with another company. By acquiring Jamberry Nails and making it into its own subsidiary company, it allowed both companies to still function independently as a whole. This will only help them reach more customers and increase revenue.

The card gives us an inside look on what the future of Vistaprint could be. With this new innovative effort to create their own line of accessories and jewelry, they are showing that they are ready to expand and dominate the market even more so than before.

Uses of the card:

The card is being used for several purposes. They are using it to show how intelligent and innovative Vistaprint is. By acquiring and establishing Jamberry Nails as its own subsidiary company, Vistaprint is showing not only that it can take on other companies but that it is willing to learn from their mistakes in the past. Basically, they are showing that they will not depend on their past mistakes alone but are ready to diversify and pursue new endeavors in the beauty industry.

What we can learn from the card:

We can learn from the card that Vistaprint wants to create a complete line of products including accessories, tattoos and wraps. By creating its own subsidiary company, it is proving that it is willing to innovate and take things into its own hands instead of depending on other companies for ideas or marketing.

We also learned that Vistaprint had a terrible reputation about their past business because it was known to be very bankruptcy-prone and even less profitable than other companies in the beauty industry.

Features of the card:

The card is very attractive and creative. They have a new slogan on their card, saying, “Make your mark in the beauty industry.” It shows that Vistaprint doesn’t want to be known for their past mistakes but rather as a company ready to make a change and create new products that will revolutionize the industry.

The card is also very creative and colorful. The background is all gold and has an overwhelming appearance; it’s also very artistic with the swirls on the left side of the card. The text on the right side of the card is very simple but elegant at the same time, using just one font with no fancy decorations or special effects. Overall, this design was definitely made to attract many customers.


The visual of the card is very simple, with three pictures on the front. The first shows a woman wearing nail wraps, second shows a woman applying her wraps and last one shows the wrap-adorned nails. These three pictures are representing Vistaprint’s products; from left to right is: nails, wraps, and jewelry.

Uses of the Visual:

The uses of this visual are for them to market their products and sell more product to customers. It shows that with their new products, you can buy just one type of product or all three. It is up to the customer to choose what they want.

What can we learn from the visual?

The visual shows that Vistaprint wants to expand not only in the beauty industry but also in fashion. They now have included a line of jewelry and accessories so their customers can purchase one thing or an entire look. The three products they are selling are great additions to its original business because they now have an outlet for customers who could not get exactly what they wanted from Vistaprint Nails but still love their jewelry and accessories.

Is it worth the money?

Overall, the card is worth the money. They are using it to expand and include other products that will appeal to its customers as well as make a lot more revenue. The diversity of their products makes it worthwhile because they are not just limited to nails anymore.

Features of the visual:

The features of this visual are that the pictures are simple and bold. The pictures of the nails, wraps and jewelry have a clean white background behind them so that it does not take away from their product but rather adds to it. Also, this white background shows their customers that Vistaprint is very professional about what they do, even if they do have new subsidiaries for their company.

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