Are you looking for ways to manage your customer database, generate new leads, and support your customers in real-time? If so, the Microsoft dynamics 365 software application is all you need. 

There are chances that by now, you have already gone through several customer relationship management solutions but didn’t find one that deemed fits your business, and hence you have landed up here! With ms dynamics 365, you will indeed not repent. 

Dynamics 365 is being widely used by organizations worldwide to achieve operational efficiency as it helps the users save a lot of time. 

It is a cloud-based business application platform that combines enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial planning and reporting, customer relationship management (CRM), human resource management functions, logistics, and various other productive applications into one platform. 

In short, it is a comprehensive all-in-one suite of major applications that every business needs to fulfill its basic operational requirements. It eliminates switching between different applications to carry out various business functions. 

MS 365 comes with a plethora of features that help businesses carry out their ERP and CRM tasks and automate everyday activities so that the users can increase the efficiency and scalability of their business with greater ease. 

This Microsoft business application will be provided to you as a Software as a Service platform, allowing you to access it via the world wide web and eliminating the need of installing it on individual computers. 

Highlighting features of Microsoft dynamics 365

The dynamic 365 application is available in two editions- Enterprise and Business; each of them comes with different features and applications. Here are the applications you can choose from:

Customer insights

It fetches the data from Dynamics 365, Office 365, and third-party data sources and provides actionable insights. It helps you utilize artificial intelligence tools, Power BI for analytics and visualization to identify customer behaviors and provide predictive analytics.

Customer service

Its customer service application enables you to respond to your customer’s requests swiftly and efficiently. Moreover, it empowers you to obtain relevant information, predict future trends and provide recommendations. This is achieved through omnichannel customer engagement tools, customer self-service, and communities and tools for support agents.

Field service

Dynamics 365 field service features help users optimize their mobile workforce with intelligent scheduling, remote assist monitoring, and contract and inventory management. 

Finance and operations

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is designed for enterprise-level businesses. It helps in financial management with reporting and analytics, production planning, scheduling, cost management, warehouse and inventory control tools for supply chain management, and manufacturing tools for project management.

Marketing and Sales

With Dynamics 365, you can automate and run campaigns quickly at lightning speed. It helps you improve your business’s overall productivity and performance while building a stronger relationship with your customers. 

The capabilities of D365 marketing include- lead management, templates,multi-channel campaigns, and marketing insights. Besides this, it helps you track your sales, provide an exceptional experience to your customers, and drive more qualified leads. 

Project service automation

Dynamics 365 Project service automation empowers you to manage projects from beginning to end, including resource management, project planning, handling contracts, team collaboration, opportunity management, budgeting, service analytics, etc.


The retail module of Microsoft Dynamics provides a combined business tool that can be used for merchandise management, store and employee management, and getting operational insights. 

Talent Acquisition

The Human resource module of Microsoft dynamics 365 is linked with LinkedIn for managing all aspects of HR activities like approaching, hiring, and onboarding the potential candidates. It streamlines hiring new talents and automates the interview scheduling process. 

All these applications of MS dynamics are adaptable to your specific business needs. You can decide which app you want to start with and then add them as needed depending on how you want to work. Furthermore, since all these applications are web-based, you can access them from anywhere, anytime, from any device.

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