Your HOA may encounter issues with your HOA manager because of misunderstandings that you can easily fix through proper communication. However, when deeper issues arise while you let them manage your association, it might be best to consider other scottsdale hoa management companies even if your HOA must pay for a termination fee. The following are signs you must change your HOA manager:

Your Current Manager Does Not Care About Your HOA’s Vision

Good HOA managers appreciate your community’s vision and focus on helping your organization succeed in its endeavors. They know that to make your HOA viable, homeowners and the board of directors must be empowered. The true value of a reliable HOA manager is the bring value and insights that your HOA board of directors cannot bring.  Ensure you employ a manager who understands your community’s vision; otherwise, they won’t be able to properly serve your HOA.

They are Not Effective Communicators

Successful relationships depend on effective communication. A good HOA manager should be available to respond to emails or phone calls. Your HOA board members have busy schedules and you don’t want a manager you need to follow with. You hire an HOA manager to save you time and stress, so they should make your life easier. A great management company knows the importance of communication and understands that your HOA wants problems handled promptly. 

They Cannot Get the Job Done

If your HOA manager is taking on work they cannot accommodate, it might be best to consider finding a new one. You want a manager that can handle the work they are expected to accomplish. Some management companies may be able to perform simple daily maintenance tasks; however, cannot handle major capital improvement or renovation projects. This could be due to being understaffed or lacking experience or knowledge. No matter the cause, you want to hire a management company that can get the job done. 

They Do Not Take Transparency Seriously

 An HOA manager must give proper stewardship to the funds of your HOA. They are expected to offer your board of directors an accurate financial statement. If your HOA manager does not offer complete documentation, you should consider this as a red flag. They could mean they are hiding something or not competent. You should have a manager who is fully transparent with the funds of your association because as board members, you must make sure dues are accounted for properly.

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