Your dog is the one you’d want to see after a long hard day of work. They’re seen as your companions, one of the main sources of your happiness, and the perfect stress relievers. So you’d naturally expect them to feel happy all the time right?

Well, dogs too can be stressed out and anxious, it’s one of the most common problems with dogs. Anxiety can be triggered and manifested in various ways. If detected and the root of the problem is dealt with sooner, your pooch can be happier and healthier. 

Anxiety can be misconstrued as misbehaving; behavior such as excessive barking, chewing on shoes or the couch, constantly digging holes are all signs of stress. Signs of anxiety can be shivering, hiding, and also urinating, and peeing indoors, as anxiety disrupts digestion.  

One of the most effective ways to treat this is by giving them CBD products such as hemp chews for dogs, hemp seeds, or CBD oils specifically designed for dogs to help them calm down. Here are some reasons that trigger anxiety in your pet and solutions to help them relax:

Scared to be left home all by themselves: If your dog is scared to be left home all alone, a sure shot way to relieve their anxiety is physical contact, this makes them feel safe. Be as close to them, pet and cuddle them, talk to them when you start noticing the signs such as pacing up and down or whining. 

Abandonment issues: Many dogs have a fear of losing you as they suffer from fear of abandonment or have separation anxiety. Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve them of this, take your dog for regular walks, play with them, basically keep them active. This helps to direct their energy in a healthy way.

Travels: Traveling is a really enjoyable time for you and your family, but your dog might feel differently. While some dogs love to stick their heads out of the window and feel the breeze, some are traumatized by even the thought of it. 

A great way to tackle this problem is with an anxiety vest or calming coat. The vest applies a gentle yet steady pressure on their chest that provides a calming effect. 

Loud noises: Thunderstorms or fireworks are unavoidable and can cause a great deal of stress to your dog. Their ears are sensitive to sound and this can cause them to bark, shiver, panic, and hide. One way to avoid this is to soundproof a room for times like this or get a diffuser, this mimics the release of pheromones. 

Strangers: If your dog isn’t used to people, they will get nervous around them. Putting them in an enclosure that’s quiet, like a crate, can help them feel secure and invulnerable. 

When it comes to interacting with kids, they’re unpredictable and are at eye level with your dog. This can cause them to feel threatened and could attack. If your dog seems tense around children, they can be trained to focus and relax. 

Other animals: If inviting your friend and their pet home gives your dog anxiety, training them for this specific situation is ideal. Playing soothing music also reduces stress.

For all these situations, implementing a CBD treat while using other methods to calm down them can bring on effective results. 

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