We are already living in a digital world and whatever you sell, you need a strong digital profile if you want to carve out your market share. The list of digital platforms is long and the power of social media cannot be disputed, if you know how to play the social media wheel, that is. Tasked with driving traffic to the client’s website, a leading digital marketing agency employs a variety of strategies aimed at driving traffic and they tailor their services to suit your needs.


The number one search engine is used by millions of online shoppers to source services and products and your site needs to be optimised for Google’s complex algorithms, which is called SEO, or search engine optimisation. Good SEO drives organic traffic by using a number of strategies and to understand the inner workings of Google and other engines, it takes an SEO specialist, who can, over time, boost a website’s rankings onto the first page of search results. Keyword research is critical for successful SEO and due to the ever-changing nature of the web, your SEO services must be ongoing if you want to enjoy long-term benefits. Whether your company is manufacturing electrical products for selling to the home and business owner, or you supply building materials, Google can help online consumers to find you.

Create a strong Facebook following

It takes a lot more than posting a few images to generate a big following on Facebook; the digital marketing agency has at least 3 teams of social media marketers, all experts in their field. The key to generating a lot of Facebook followers is quality content that is both informative and engaging, offering the reader useful knowledge on every aspect of your industry. Facebook allows real time chat with users and if you have a team of experts on your accounts, all the right comments are made, further boosting your brand. Click here for tips to improve business communication, which might be useful.

Create rich content

Make a short 4k video to introduce you and your team; people like to put a face to a name and you can make animations and infographics, which people prefer, as it compartmentalises the information and gives a graphic angle. Hook up with a dynamic digital marketing agency and they will create an on-point plan for content, using web content writers to create guest posts that contain links to your landing page. 

Company website

When you make contact with a digital marketing agency, they automatically check out your digital profile and usually they recommend a content and design revamp of the company website. The right keywords need to be in the right locations for Google to rank your site and this is a major aspect of creating a strong online profile. Your company website should be a reflection of what you are about and professional design is a must, as this is your digital shop window.

If you are living in Thailand, check often regarding the current Covid information, which changes by the day and we all hope the pandemic ends in 2022.

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