Exercise is an important part of our daily routine. Movement has been proven to improve sleep, strengthen the immune system, maintain glucose levels in the body, and help relieve depression. With movement being so important to our health, it makes sense that we have Movement clothing!

This is a review of the Classic movement lifestyle tshirt . This shirt is made from 100% polyester fabric which wicks moisture away from your body. It is also odor resistant to keep the shirts fresh. The shirt has an open neck with a snap and loop fabric closure at the bottom of the neck.

These shirts are available in many styles and sizes, but I want to focus on the Classic T-shirt and how they stack up as exercise clothing. The Classic T-shirts come in blue, grey, red, white, black, grey/white striped and camo stripes.All of which are pictured above in this review information. Currently you can get them for $24, however you do have to purchase it through my affiliate link .

Features of Classic T-shirts by Movement Lifestyle :

1. 100% Polyester fabric that wicks sweat away from the body – 

This fabric will last you a long time because it is durable. I wear mine every day and they still look new. These shirts dry faster than cotton and other fabrics. To keep them from shrinking in the washer, I always put them on a low setting and add a little vinegar to the load. You can also air dry these shirts to prevent shrinkage.

Another perk of this fabric is that it is odor resistant. This is great when you are working out because it doesn’t pick up the smells like tainted odor in shirts made with different materials (cotton, linen, etc.) These shirts have a nice loose fit so that you have complete freedom of movement while exercising.

2. Soft and comfortable to wear –

 This is a high quality shirt that will feel great against your skin. It won’t irritate the skin like some of the cheaper shirts on the market, nor will it be usually see under clothes.

3. Great fit –

My shirt fits great: I wear a medium, but I am 5’10” and weigh 190-205lbs. I bought this shirt in the black and it fits really well for those guys like me who have wide shoulders and a wide back (measure your size against this.) For the ladies, similar torso measurements to the men’s measurements, but go up a size.

4. Relaxed fit –

The shirts have relaxed fits which is something you’ll not find in other shirts on the market. This means that they don’t cling to your body like other fitness clothes tend to do in exercise pants or spandex shorts.

5. Great features –

The shirts are made from polyester and have a large neck opening so that you can breathe when you’re working out. They have an open neck, but an elastic and snap closure at the bottom of the neck to keep your skin safe (and also for those who wear a hair tie or ponytail). 

The men’s shirts have a pocket to hold your cell phone or MP3 player, but in my experience it doesn’t really work. The pockets are small and not very deep so even if you do put your phone in there it will most likely just fall out. However, the pockets do make it easier to keep your hands free while exercising. The shirts are also odor resistant so I never have to worry about stinky workout clothes.

6. Machine washable and dryer safe –

The shirts can be washed in the washer and dryer. I recommend washing them in cold water and hanging them to dry. This keeps them from shrinking. I’ve had mine for over 6 months and they still look like new, even after several washes.

7. Variety of colors –

This shirt comes in a nice variety of colors: blue, black, white, red, purple and grey. The majority of the shirts come in most of these colors which makes the purchasing experience easy when trying to find one that fits your needs.

8. Company Information –

The company is based out of Melbourne, Florida. This is a family owned and operated business so they are super friendly and helpful if you have any questions about their products or need help finding the right size for you. Their goal is to provide quality fitness clothing at an affordable price so that everyone can stay healthy and fit!

9. Handmade in the USA –

Company history: MovementLifestyle.com began as a clothing company that made custom T-Shirts for staff at OrangeTheory Fitness facilities (a large group exercise company.) The shirts were handmade in the small town of Eustis, FL by Jennie Bostic (founder of MovementLifestyle).

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