What’s the best way to market your business? This is a question that all entrepreneurs and marketers must answer, and it can be frustrating to find an answer. Traditional marketing methods such as print, TV, and radio spots are not enough for today’s tech-minded age. Going digital is the most cost-effective and flexible way to market your business. In this blog post Jobsrose you will learn how to use online marketing techniques that have been proven the most effective across many industries.

How to Leverage Digital Marketing Techniques :

1. YouTube Marketing

YouTube has become one of the most effective digital marketing platforms, allowing business owners to directly interact with customers. Its 24-hour content cycle and searchable library means that it is always there to help connect people with your brand. 

YouTube allows you to upload videos in advance to gain subscribers, then send a message at the end of your video informing them that they can subscribe if they want more information. Also, YouTube has over 1 million video views for every second, making it an incredibly efficient way to promote your brand’s content. Use these three tips for a better YouTube marketing:

Find Successful Videos

Look at other videos from similar brands so you can copy their content.Make sure that the video has a unique message that the consumer will find interesting.

Create a Call to Action in Your Video

Provide some kind of incentive for people to subscribe or find out more about your product. In this video, for example, the CTA is “Subscribe for more.”

2. Instagram Marketing

Instagram is an incredibly powerful marketing tool which allows you to create images with your customers in mind. Use these tips to bring your brand’s image and creativity onto Instagram. For example, you can use hashtags with specific keywords relevant to your products and services. Also, use hashtags with images relevant to your products and services so people can find them easily when looking at their feed.

Create an Account

It is free and easy to create an Instagram account, so do it! Make a personal account with your name on it. Also create a brand account that shows your logo, tagline and brand colors. For example, you could use the name “Company Name” instead of “John Smith.” This way, people will see your company’s name on Instagram instead of a user’s name.

Use Images

Instagram is all about visuals, so you should use frequently updated images. People want to see what is new with your product or service and interest in your brand. Also try to post original images with different angles or feelings in them. For example, you could post a picture of your product in use or a happy customer.

Promote Your Account and Followers

People don’t care about your brand as much as they care about you. There are already numerous accounts on Instagram with more followers than you, so it would be wise to start promoting your account’s presence. You can also follow other people who share interests similar to yours on Instagram and engage with them, in order to increase the numbers of your followers and interest in your account.

 For example, if you enjoy photography, then look up other photographers that have large followings like Darren Rowse or Ryan Miller and try to follow them. Engaging with them allows you to share your products and services with more people that already have an interest in photography and visual art.

3. Google+ Marketing

Google+ is the digital marketing platform that most businesses overlook despite its incredible marketing value. A recent study shows that people who use Google+ tend to have a greater number of followers than those who don’t. 

Also, the layout of Google+ is much more visually pleasing in comparison to Twitter or Facebook, which allows for users to be more engaged with your brand or product as they spend time scrolling through it. Use these tips to leverage the power of Google+.

Create an Account and App Page

The first step is creating an account by clicking here . The account is free and will allow you to view your photos and friends’ comments, shares and likes. Next you need to create an app page so you can upload videos or images, write a description for your app page, and share it with people.

4. Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a platform that allows users to collect images from different people around the world, save them in their library to access later, then pin them onto their own boards. Users can also follow other marketers and brands on the site so they can continue to use the platform as well. This makes Pinterest an extremely powerful marketing tool for businesses. Use these tips for a better Pinterest marketing:

Create an Account

Create an account by clicking here . It is free, and will allow you to see trends in your industry, search for images and interests that people have, and see what users from around the world are pinning. Then you can start creating boards.

Start Pinning Images Alike Other Brands

Look at other brands marketing their products on Pinterest. Each brand has their own style of marketing that they use, which is different from any other brand (for example: Toms Shoes). Copy the style of other brands as it applies to your product’s purpose. For example if you are looking to sell an expensive briefcase, then copy the style of another brand that sells expensive briefcases.

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