Whether Cruella is your source of inspiration or you’re a hardcore metal fan, black is eternal, and you know it. Black makes everything timeless irrespective of the design or the shape of the jewellery it’s moulded into. The best part – You don’t have to put much thought into making your black jewellery a fashion statement or a regular accessory.

If you form the core of the all-black-lovers league, you must have been dying to put away the conventional gold chain. But beware! You should do it only when you know how to style your jewellery, whether black diamond caviar or princess cut pendant.

Different Black Jewellery to Pick

Contrary to popular belief among black lovers, using it as an accessory is a rebellion against the tradition favouring style. As odd as it appears, black brings sophistication and elegance to your wardrobe and your style.

Here’s what both of you need to style the best!

1. In Loop With Earrings

What’s the last thing you put on before you go out and the first thing to take off after returning? Earrings! You’re all decked up in a solid dress, but you are still missing something. A simple set of black diamond caviar studs can add oomph to your look. 

Unlike gold and silver, you never have to match the metal colour with other accessories. If you’re creative at heart, you can also mix and match with other jewellery.

2. Stun With a Statement Pendant

A gold pendant is as a piece of old news as the rocket orbiting the moon. The latest trends are about creating a fashion statement out of your jewellery. A black pendant smoothly sneaks in and brings you the boldest look that no one can replicate. 

Oh! Wouldn’t you like that?

3. Chime In the Chains

In times of minimalism, wearing heavy necklaces seems like an offence. That’s why sleek and sophisticated chains call you out to make space for them in your wardrobe and, well, neck. Whether you are a bridesmaid or a casual student, the allure of black chains is undeniable.

4. Bling for the Bangles

Gone are the days when you could add a bracelet with multicolour beads. Barbie might have been your inspiration, but Beyonce wouldn’t agree to it now. Your wrist is the most appropriate place to wear a black fashion statement. 

Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Style

You’ve got the best dress, style and jewellery, but there exists a fine line between badass and boring. The trick is to tread the style section carefully!

Key Takeaways

Black is not a colour. It’s, in fact, a sensation. The black jewellery perfectly aligns with the notion to make you sensational. Whether you want to create a trend or show people how unconventional classy can look, black will be your best bet. 

With that said, it’s time you take your eyes off the screen so that people can’t take it off of you!

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