Did you know that the first engagement rings ever made was when Egyptians crafted one of their own made of gold or silver wire? These “rings” were usually put on the left hand’s third finger as they were believed to have a direct connection to the heart

Thanks to modernisation, many significant changes have been made to the design. And the gemstone that adorns it is none other than diamonds. 

So, if you are speculating about popping the question to your partner, you need first to research the best au engagement rings to find the best design. 

In this quick guide, you will find all the inspiration you need to design the most eye-catching ring for your fiancé. So, let’s get into it!

#1 The Diamond Solitare

Needless to say, the diamond solitaire ring is by far the most popular choice when it comes to engagement rings. Thanks to their striking, sparkly appearance, these rings are timeless, classy and extremely elegant.

The best part is that you have the freedom to choose between:

However, you can also choose between other styles like 

#2 Pave Rings 

If your partner likes a constant sparkle from their engagement ring, pave rings will be your best option. This is because the entire surface of the ring is designed with diamonds makes the rings exude shine and luxury.

Moreover, these rings can be designed with any diamond. You can also add in gold and platinum and pack them all closer together. 

#3 Three Stone Rings 

If you are looking for something to signify your relationship’s past, present, and future, why not opt for a three-stone engagement ring? 

These rings feature one large diamond gemstone in the middle with two smaller diamonds on the sides. However, modern three stone rings come with three similar sized diamonds to represent the eternal nature of love.

The most common diamond cuts for three stone rings are princess cuts. However, you can also add a pop of colour by styling this with coloured gemstones on the sides.

#4 Halo Rings 

The main highlight of a halo ring is the striking appearance of the centre gemstone. What makes it even more alluring is that it is surrounded by several pave diamonds. This makes them look visually appealing while making the centre diamond the main attraction.

Typically, halo rings use:

However, other shape diamonds are also an ideal fit for these rings.

#5 Bezel Rings 

Last but not least, you have the bezel rings. These rings are all the rage right now, primarily because of the right mix between captivating looks and modern practicality.

Like the other ring types, bezel rings also focus mainly on the central diamond. However, a carefully gold or platinum detail around the rim gives it a dignified edging. Moreover, this edging also protects the main diamond, making it safe against snags. 

Did you know that recent studies forecasted the jewellery market in Australia to reach a market size of 4 billion Australian dollars by 2020? This includes luxury jewellery as well, which consists of diamond accessories and au engagement rings.

Undoubtedly, there are several different types of engagement rings out there in the market. Therefore, it can be quite a challenge to pick the right one for your fiancé. 

So make sure to take the time to reflect on your personal choices as well as your partners. This way, you can quickly find the perfect ring to celebrate your love!

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