Solutions to Fix Skyrim Keeps Crashing

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Skyrim crashes on fast travel every time I try to load a save or fast travel. It won’t work anymore.”

Skyrim crashes for different reasons, and this article will explore the list of solutions that will help you overcome this problem as well as make Skyrim much more stable and much less prone to crashing.

If Skyrim keeps crashing, you are probably running out of ideas and wondering what to do next. Eventually, it’s gonna stop crashing! For most problems, there is a working solution, such as a restart. Sometimes the problem is due to Windows or the hardware that cannot be repaired at all. In this case, there are no solutions at all. 

You have to reinstall your operating system from scratch and your game will be deleted from your hard drive, which is very frustrating indeed. In these situations, you should figure out what’s wrong in your game before going for the drastic measure of reinstalling Windows or the hardware driver on which your game depends on and it will still crash.

Solutions to Fix Skyrim Keeps Crashing :

1. Start Skyrim in Safe Mode

If you can’t get Oblivion to run properly, start it up in Safe Mode by pressing and holding down the Shift key while you start the game. Doing this forces Oblivion to open with only the most basic output options present, which may help you to see what is going wrong.

 When the menu appears, choose “Safe Mode” from the top of the list and then launch your game normally. Once it’s finished loading, exit to Windows normally and then try starting up Oblivion again. If this fixes your crashing issue, you’ll know that a mod or one of your customizations is causing a problem.

2. Uninstall All Mods

This is one of the most commonly used solutions to a problem, and it’s very effective. However, it can be a little tricky. If you have too many mods installed, your computer will crash upon starting the game. 

This will require you to delete them one by one until the issue is resolved. When you find one that caused the problem, just uninstall it then start up Oblivion again. The next mod to try may still cause problems so keep deleting and installing mods until you find none of them cause crashes in your game at all anymore.

3. Mod Organizer/Nexus Mod Manager

“I’m using Oblivion with an old version of Skyrim installed. I keep getting a message telling me I need to update it. How can I tell which mods are conflicting?”

You will normally get this message if you have two or more mods that edit the same files. The simplest way to fix this is to simply uninstall one of these mods, and then try again from the beginning. 

If you find that one mod is causing problems, you will be able to tell by going into NMM and looking for the tab with the model’s name on it and then looking for an update icon next to it on the left side of the window. If you see an update icon next to the tab, there is a newer version of the mod available so you should update it.

4. Update Your Video Drivers for Skyrim/Oblivion

“My game keeps crashing after some time and I’m unable to play it. Is this because my video card driver needs to be updated?”

If you are already using the most recent drivers from your graphic card’s manufacturer or from the computer’s manufacturer, then yes. Updating your video card driver will improve performance and solve any other issues that may cause your game to freeze or crash. 

Updating your video card driver is a very important thing to do because it can make your game run very smoothly and without any glitch. So if you are looking for a way to make the game more stable and solid, updating the drivers should be on your list of things to do as soon as possible.

5. Reinstall Oblivion with Mod Organizer

“I keep getting an error message that tells me my game is corrupted. I want to reinstall Oblivion but I don’t know how.”

If you are running the Steam version of Oblivion, then you can download it again from the Steam store. If you are using the disc version of Oblivion, then you may want to post on a forum to see if someone can help you out with your situation. 

If you have Mod Organizer installed, then try reinstalling Oblivion again with Mod Organizer. This will allow you to maintain your game mods and keep them in place as well.

Solutions to Fix Skyrim Keeps Crashing :

6. Check for Updated Drivers for Your PC’s Video Card and Motherboard

“I have Windows XP installed on my computer with an NVIDIA video card, but I haven’t updated its drivers recently. Is this the reason why my game keeps on crashing?”

If you have Windows XP installed on an NVIDIA graphics card, then you should update your drivers immediately. This will improve performance and solve crashing issues. To update your drivers, simply run the driver auto-detect tool that can be found on the NVIDIA website. nVidia publishes updated drivers for all their graphics cards so make sure that you select your PC in the list of devices and then download and install them to solve any issues that may be causing your game to crash.

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