Vector travel coolers are the next best thing to bringing a freezer on a trip. They can be easily stored and taken with you, without taking up much space. This article will talk about the pros and cons of buying this product, as well as other similar products that Vector offers.

The Koolatron P-20WH is one of many different models from the Vector line, which is essentially an ice chest that uses electricity to maintain a cold temperature for its contents. There are several advantages of owning this product instead of lugging around ice in your luggage or storing stuff in your fridge at home. These include:

Features of Koolatron P-20WH 12 Volt Travel Cooler :

1. Small and portable. At 10″x 7″ x 15″ and only 3.2 pounds.

 This unit is very easy to pack and bring along wherever you go. It’s designed to be used with a 12-volt power source via the cigarette lighter in a vehicle (either yours or one you’re renting). Koolatron provides a cord that is specially wired to fit both US standard and the European standard cigarette lighters so your unit will work anywhere. Also, it has an integrated carrying handle that makes bringing your ice chest around more convenient.

2. Put the “cooler” in your cooler. 

Fans blow cold air throughout the cooler, so it isn’t necessary to crack the lid and let the cold air escape. There’s also an integrated fan in the lid, which keeps “everything” inside of your ice chest cool. Plus, in this unit, there’s no need to drain water from the ice cube tray (which can be a hassle if you don’t have enough freezer space) nor do you have to worry about melting ice! 

Once your Koolatron P-20WH is plugged in and running for about 2 hours, it will make about 30 cubes of ice over a 24 hour period (the temperature must be kept at 0 degrees F). Ice stays good for days in the ice chest and the fan keeps everything cool all the time.

3. Holds a lot of stuff.

 The 20-quart capacity of this ice chest means that you can pack a large amount of stuff inside, while still keeping it cool. After all, if you’re going on a trip, you might as well bring everything but the kitchen sink! 

Since the Koolatron P-20WH 12 Volt Travel Cooler is powered by 12 volt electricity, it will always keep your items cold (unless of course your car battery dies). Even if you don’t have a car, you can use it in your hotel room (just put it next to an AC outlet) or on a picnic.

4. Stays cold for days.

 If you’ve ever had a cooler that is powered by ice, then you know that after a few days, all the ice melts! With the Koolatron P-20WH 12 Volt Travel Cooler, this won’t be an issue with one exception: If the temperature outside is above 80 degrees F and your car’s engine is turned off for more than 8 hours (either at night or if you’re stuck in traffic), the temperature inside of your ice chest will go up to about 40 degrees F. However, if you leave the Vector plugged in, ice will last for days! You can put hot food or drinks in for hours and still have them be cold.

5. Runs on 12 volt power.

 This is probably one of its greatest assets as it enables you to use it almost anywhere there is 12 volt power (even your car!) Even if you don’t have a car, this product can be used in your hotel room or on a picnic. However, it only works with a 12 volt power source.

6. No drain needed for the ice cube tray!

 This is one of the best features of this product as you no longer need to open up the ice cube tray and empty water from there (once the preset amount of ice melts), because you can put hot food or drinks in for hours and still have them be cold! 

You can put hot food in this 12 volt cooler for hours and not worry about melting ice. With even more room than most other travel coolers, you could also pack more stuff inside than is possible with other products of its size.

7. Easy to fill.

 The drain is located on the bottom and it is easy to fill with ice cubes (the ice cubes will just fall into the tray and follow the water). The water level indicator inside of the ice chest is also very useful, so you can always tell what’s going on inside:

 The full indicator means that you have about 2 cups of water in there for each square inch of surface area. In other words, it’s about half full. The empty indicator means that you have about a quarter cup or less of water in there for each square inch.

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