For those who enjoy tech trek and its generous offers, there is no better time than the present. As part of a pilot project for this year, we are excited to unveil what’s next for Taiwan Tech Trek.

Introducing the 2017 Tour Packages! 14 brand-new routes in total, these new tours are designed to take you deeper into Taiwan’s diverse innovation ecosystem. 

Each tour will explore an enticing mix of start-ups and cutting-edge technology as seen through our specially curated lens.

If you are already a regular at Taiwan Tech Trek, then you already have an advantage of selecting from among the new routes available. 

For those who’ve yet to visit taiwan tech trek 2017 and for whom this provides a first time experience, we invite you to join us this March 22 at our office on the 6th floor of the 9th building of Taipei 101.

Here’s a brief overview of each tour, so as to provide an exclusive insight into your next adventure.

1. AppQ

A Taiwanese start-up on the cutting-edge of mobile AI research, AppQ is currently in the process of developing artificial intelligence–powered voice interfaces to make your mobile device truly smart. 

AppQ’s mission is to explore how artificial intelligence can make interaction with devices more natural and seamless. 

Join us on our visit to AppQ, where we will have a chance to learn about their industry leading technology and discuss the future of the digital world.

2. 360Heros

360Heros develops affordable camera solutions that capture immersive video and photo content in 360 degrees. 

Their products include super wide-angle lens and true 360° video cameras that capture immersive 3D imagery with a traditional lens, along with innovative smart devices.

They’ve positioned themselves as the go-to camera solution for budget conscious consumers and entrepreneurs in Taiwan, who want to add greater innovation and value to their productions. 

This tour will introduce you to the team behind 360Heros and what they have on offer to all audiences: from amateur filmmakers shooting videos, to live streaming.

3. Crossfader

Crossfader is a community-designed app that optimizes the way we use social media. 

It’s an intelligent platform that’s designed to sync with your smartphone and allow users to post photos and videos seamlessly, share content with their friends, whether these are from their own devices or from the internet. 

From user generated content to professionally curated material, Crossfader offers a one-stop application for all your social media needs.

 This tour will provide you with a firsthand look at Crossfader vision and how it is making social media more user friendly than ever before.

4. GiB

GiB is a game developer that provides game-related services to companies, including game planning, funding, and development.

 GiB’s goal is to help integrate gaming technology with different industries to create new social experiences. 

Currently, GiB has an in-house development team of programmers and artists who are working on crowdfunded projects such as “The Laundry” and “Laplace no Ma.”

 We will also visit the headquarters of a client company called Garena Taiwan that has partnered with GiB for the development of their recent online shooter mobile game, “Onmyoji.”

5. Genius

Genius is a company that designs and manufactures digital electronics, including power supplies, DC-DC converters, and battery management modules. 

Their solutions are designed to meet the growing demand for compact power supplies in the consumer electronics industry.

 This tour will take you to their production facility, where you will see what goes into manufacturing their devices and how all of this comes together in Taiwan’s innovation ecosystem.

6. GoBear

GoBear is a peer-to-peer financial lending platform that facilitates small loans between individuals looking for some extra cash, who can look on GoBear to secure loans from other members in exchange for interest payments.

 Since they are a peer-to-peer lending platform, they don’t have any capital requirements and you will be able to get a loan instantly.

 This tour will take you to their offices where we will discuss the challenges of extending credit throughout Taiwan and what separates GoBear from other P2P platforms.

7. Green Charley

Green Charley is a project that aims to create a sustainable and auto-managed ecosystem for global recycling.

 It creates an incentive for people to recycle by combining eco-friendly design with intelligent software algorithms designed to reduce waste in the production, consumption, and disposal of organic material waste—a growing problem in today’s world.

 Upon our visit, we will discuss their project, how they are using the waste generated from Taiwanese companies to create a model for low carbon living, and how all of this fits into Taiwan’s innovation ecosystem.

8. History Crystals

History Crystals, founded in 2008 by two Korean-American brothers, is a company that creates software for enterprise applications that can capture millions of memories and cherish them forever. 

Their software can be integrated into any memory device that allows you to capture special moments with pictures and videos.

 You will see the development process behind their product and why they believe it’s the right thing to do: preserve history through technology.

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