Casinos are noisy environments with flashing lights and a whole lot of activity going on. It may seem impossible to rise above the commotion and focus on a task. 

But, if you know how to deal with the distractions, you can play better poker, blackjack or any other game you might want to try your hand at. Here The Brews News are ten tips to help you focus on your game while in a casino:

1: Get a table near the exit.

When you’re playing poker or blackjack, it’s important to have an out, so you can avoid going on tilt. If someone is bothering you or the table is too crowded, you should have the option to get up and leave. Getting a table near the entrance or exit will make it easier for you to do this.

2: Avoid playing during peak hours.

One of the most common mistakes beginning players make is playing during peak times at a casino. This is generally between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.. During this time, there are likely to be tourists in the casino who don’t know how to play the game and are just passing time before dinner or a show starts.

 The dealers, floor manager and pit bosses will also be more distracted, which means they won’t pay as much attention to what you’re doing at the table. Playing during off-peak hours will help you avoid these distractions and make it easier for you to focus on your game.

3: Bring a pen and paper.

When you start playing at the casino, take notes on anything new you see around the gambling floor. This will help you learn what is going on around the tables. You don’t have to commit it all to memory, but it will make it easier for you to do so if you need to refer back later.

4: Make use of distractions for extra practice.

When there are people distracting the dealer or table space is limited, utilize these opportunities for more practice and then get on with your game when they’re gone.

5: Set your hands and cards.

Once you have a set-up you’re comfortable with, look to the ceiling for distraction. Looking up will give you time to think about what strategy you’re going to use at that moment. When down at your table, it may look like anyone can see your hand, but if the dealer hears you say “I’m all in,” he’ll know that’s exactly what’s happening. 

Just make sure that no one sees or hears these words if they should find themselves in a similar situation.

6: Put your chips in a pocket or an envelope.

If you’re playing poker, it can be distracting to have piles of chips on your table. These are a great way to distract yourself if you’re not sure what to do next. If you have your chips in an envelope or pocket, they will take up less space and you’ll have fewer distractions.

7: Keep an eye on the other games going on in the casino.

This can give you some great ideas for new strategies to try if nothing at your table is working. You’ll also be able to keep a better eye on other players at the tables if they’re doing something interesting and you don’t need to focus entirely on what’s going on with your own cards and chips.

8: Plan to take a break during your session.

You’re going to want to set a schedule for when you plan on playing, because if you have a long session, you need time to break from it. If you play for several hours straight, and then do so again the next day, you’re not going to be able to focus as well as you will if you take breaks in between sessions. This is just common sense, though; no one can focus unless they’re tired.

9: Ensure that the dealers and table space are comfortable.

If the tables aren’t comfortable, you won’t be able to focus on what you’re playing. If they’re distracting, it’s going to make everything difficult. If the dealers are doing something wrong, it could cause a distraction. 

If the table is too close to other tables, you may be distracted by talking and make mistakes with your hands. Choose tables that you can focus on and get comfortable in.

10: Keep a lookout for rules at the tables.

Some casinos are more lax with the rules than others. Whatever your game of choice is, if there are certain regulations in effect, you’ll want to be aware of them so that you know what’s OK and what isn’t. 

For example, if one of the best ways to win at blackjack is jumping a split then it would probably be best not to do that when a rule says that doing so could get your nearby friends in trouble.

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