HUBLOT presents an innovative titanium colorway for its world-renowned kinetic watches with a striking contrast between white and rainbow tinted color, adding to the luminescence and radiance of these jewels.

They Fabulous Story are available in two sizes: 37mm case diameter and 42mm case diameter. Together with the laser-engraved logo on the crown, they create a unique timepiece that radiates power, glamour and steel–the very spirit of the Big Bang!

1. Applying to the inner side of the case and the bracelet.

HUBLOT uses a chromium-nickel alloy with a titanium coating in three different colors: white, rainbow and rainbow glitter. These so-called “titanium-tinted color dials” are achieved through a complex paint application process that requires many steps. 

The surface of the dial is first coated with black Titanium Nitride. Then it is painted with white titanium and fine particles from a natural element called Ruthenium are mixed in to create the rainbow tinted color.

 When light hits this, there is a rainbow-like glow that covers the whole watch, which is much more than a simple “glowing” effect you might see when you look at a crystal under sunlight. These three colors combined create HUBLOT’s “Fire and Ice” series, becoming the flagship models for HUBLOT’s Titanium Collection.

2. Applying to the movement.

The Big Bang is equipped with a manually wound, three-state-movement, which can be powered by electric or mechanical power. Because it uses an authentic movement and its design is inspired by the distinctive elements of a crystal watch.

 It is named after the energy that formed the universe in the Big Bang theory. With this watch, HUBLOT raises the bar for high-end watches.

3 . Applying to HUBLOT’s trademark laser engraving logo on the crown.

This special logo is made by a laser engraving machine, which makes the metal-alloy crown sparkle like a real diamond. The laser engraving process can be used on stainless steel, ceramic material and metal-alloy all of the same hardness. 

The logo has the highest precision possible and shows no difference in angle when viewed from different directions. It represents the HUBLOT brand’s everlasting pursuit of excellence, creativity and cutting-edge technology.

4. Applying to the watch packaging box.

The HUBLOT titanium watch is packed in a rectangular transparent box with flares at either end to catch your eye even before you open it up. Its lid features the “Fire and Ice” series name.

5. Applying to the HUBLOT watch box packaging box.

The HUBLOT watch box is a classic rectangular shape with curves and flares, making it striking and eye-catching. It is made out of a high quality handmade paper material that moves smoothly when gently brushed as well as keeping its form after being folded just like a piece of paper. 

White inner lining matches the white color of the watch case, maintaining the crispness of this packaging’s appearance even after long periods in storage. The promotional card tells you more about the character, history and technical specifications of this finely crafted timepiece.

6. Applying to the leather strap.

This watch is equipped with a soft leather strap made of cowhide and treated with vegetable-tanned technology. It is enriched with a layer of microgranule and the inner surface is covered by a non-woven fabric to prevent water-resistance damage. The natural oils and fats in the skin ensure that this watch can withstand wear and tear, remaining supple even in extreme temperatures.

 The same material is used to make high quality leather products but it has undergone different treatment processes to reach its final state so it has become super durable as are all HUBLOT straps.

7 . Applying to the case.

HUBLOT uses composite materials in its watch cases and bracelets, which have high strength and stiffness but low weight. The case is made of 316L stainless steel while the strap is made of high-quality leather which stands up to wear and tear. 

The 42mm titanium-tinted watch case is more than 5mm thick and the rest is titanium coating on a chromium-nickel alloy. It has a dual structure with a dial sandwiched between plates overmolded by PVD treatment to ensure that it retains its shape even after countless times of folding and unfolding.

8 . Applying to the lugs at the case body’s end.

A multi-level PVD treatment is applied to the case before adding the dial. The PVD coating gives a satin finish and darkens the case’s surface, protecting it from shine damage. It is possible to see these layers on the watch’s end as well, where they are also decorated with a logo of HUBLOT. 

The combination of carbon fiber and titanium coating makes this watch extremely lightweight, with a diameter of 42mm yet weighing just 43 grams including the strap.

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