There are many types of adhesive strips/tapes available in the market. As such, a recurring item you would see in most industries with a myriad of functions would be magnetic strips. They have a wide range of uses, from household to industrial and craft. In addition, you can use each type of magnetic strip for different uses. 

So, in this post, you will learn about the primary function of the magnetic strip along with its different types and uses for each type.

The Purpose of the Magnetic Strip

Magnetic strips have adhesive properties, and due to their bendable material, they offer versatile solutions for flat or curved surfaces. Moreover, you can easily customise the shape by cutting it 

You will find them ideal for delicate objects such as photographs and paper documents. And to understand the best use of them, you can learn about how a magnetic strip works. 

Different Types

A magnetic strip has an array of uses, from household to commercial use. And to adhere to every need, they come in different shapes and sizes. For instance, the magnetic strip used to attach tools and equipment in an industrial warehouse differs from that used in small craft projects. 

The three types of magnetic tapes used are as follows:

The first type, JVCC MAG-01-W, is the weakest in strength compared to the other two types. You can write and wipe off easily on this type of magnetic strip, and hence it is used for labelling inventory. 

The second type of magnetic strip, JVCC-MAG-01, is a durable material and can hold lightweight objects. And, you can use this magnetic strip for holding business signs or for small-scale use. 

The third type of magnetic strip, JVCC-MAG-02, is the strongest out of the three. It is ideal for an industrial setting for garage storage of heavier tools and equipment. Alternatively, you can use this magnetic strip for home shelving too. 

Where Is a Magnetic Strip Used?

A magnetic strip is easy to use and is used for multiple functions. As such, the adhesive properties, along with the magnetic properties, can aid in creating or supporting many items. 

A magnetic strip is commonly used for the following: 

You would have noticed that they have multiple uses, and all of them are diverse. Meanwhile, other than the adhesive properties and uses, they also have technological uses. 

How Strong Is a Magnetic Strip?

They come in different types, and thus the strength of each differs. As such, the maximum adhesive force of a magnetic tape is 102 g/cm^2. And according to the adhesive force of the magnetic tape, you can calculate how much weight it can hold. In addition, you can also calculate how long the magnetic strip should be. 

Across all the industries, magnetic strips have shown they are multifunctional and come with an array of diverse uses. And according to the usage, you need to choose the kind of magnetic strip as the strength of each type differs. So, with multiple uses like craft, industrial, household, and much more, you can ease your work with the mighty magnetic strip! 

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