Nowadays, the fashion world is adapting to the marijuana customer. Their line of clothes is growing bigger and bolder with each year. 

Weed brands clothing was established in 2013. They are the first stoner clothing company in the world. Weeds Brands outfitted 420 attendees for this year’s Cannabis Cup using its collection of 420-friendly apparel, all pot leaves and slogans like “Keep Calm And Smoke Weed.”

Many fashion designers have been incorporating marijuana as a fashion statement. The fashion industry views weed as a new opportunity to make money, but they also want customers to be careful about who is targeted by their products. 

“This is not a pro-marijuana collection, but rather an anti-prohibition wear,” said Don Nguyen, a founder of Weed Brands.

 His company started in 2013 and it’s the first clothing line for smokers. They have been selling their products in marijuana festivals as well as on websites such as Etsy. Their goods include tee shirts, hats, hoodies and other clothing with different designs.

There are many items that have marijuana leaves printed on them, but some of the clothes are actually made from recycled hemp material.

 The company says the 420 clothing promotes their message to keep marijuana legal. “I believe we can change mindsets by putting our message out there and getting people to talk about it,” Nguyen said.

Best Stoner Fashion Styles :

1. Tee Shirt with Marijuana leafs printed all over – 

It is very casual. You can wear it on any occasion and it’s really comfortable.

2. Hemp Hoodie –

 It’s great for cold winter days and it is really made from recycled hemp material so it feels so soft and light.

3. Baggy Jeans – 

The baggy jeans are made from good quality material, but not too tight so you will feel comfortable after wearing them for a long time without feeling too hot or having to take them off to cool down.

4. Weed leafs printed tank top –

Tank top with weed leafs printed on it. It’s good for summer. You will feel airy, cool and comfortable while wearing this tank top.

5. Tank Top with marijuana leaves and funny slogan on it –

 This is a tank top that says something funny like “I like big buds and I can not lie”. It is made from durable material so you can wear it for a long time without worrying about tearing it or it getting damaged easily. 

This tank top gives you a comfortable feeling so you will be looking cool in no time.

6. Weed Leaf Printed Pants – 

 These pants are designed in a way that you will feel comfortable when wearing them. These pants feel a little bit baggy and comfortable, but still good to look at.

All the clothes are made from top quality materials. You will not feel hot after wearing these clothes and they are functional as well. 

The designs on the clothes are colorful and funny, so you will be happy whenever you wear them and walk around with your friends. As the company says, “420 is what we mean when we say ‘This is 420.'”

7. The only makeup I wear –

It’s made from 100% hemp and you will not feel hot wearing them. It gives you a natural and healthy look, so it’s very functional as well. The design on the palm of your hand is all over marijuana leaves, but when you open your hands it looks like a fairy tale. It is really funny to look at.

8. Hemp Hat –

This hat is made from good quality material that feels durable, yet soft and light at the same time.

 The design on the hat is something funny, but still functional because it has different shapes with marijuana leaves printed all over it. It is a good choice for everyday fashion.

9. Marijuana Leaf Printed Tee Shirt –

It’s 100% hemp and has a very natural look and feel to it. The color is something between tan, yellow and green. It has a slim fit design so it’s not too tight or too baggy. 

You will feel comfortable wearing it after washing it or wearing it for the first time because of how made the material is.

 You will feel fresh, cool and relaxed when wearing this shirt while walking in spring or summer weather. It’s one of our favorite shirts because of how well made it is and how fresh you will feel while wearing it on hot weather days.

Weed Brands’ mission is to “Change Minds, not laws,” and it is the first clothing line made for stoners by stoners. 

The company was founded in 2013 and so far the response has been very positive. Weed Brands’ tee shirts are sold in marijuana festivals, shops and online stores. The garments will soon be available for purchase on their website as well. 

In addition to clothing, the company also sells accessories such as hats, bracelets and iPhone cases featuring different pot leaf designs.

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