A person’s personal style means more than just their clothing choices; it speaks volumes about what they value and how they live.

 And when you get right down to it, there is no one more stylishly stoner clothing brands than the lemming of cannabis that you’re reading this sentence on.

Think they’re just a bunch of lazy potheads? Nope! If you take the time to really care about your clothes, hat, and headband combinations, someone who is true to their nature will be able to spot you from across the room because you’ll be wearing colors that represent your life statement – don’t worry though, most people use these colors for comfort which means that everyone ends up looking cool. Here’s how you do it.

Wherever you are in the world, dress to blend in with your surroundings; avoid bright colors, bright patterns, and bright accessories. 

White is a classic and usually looks good on everyone (with a little bit of break in time), but avoiding white is not nearly as important as avoiding patterns.

 Black with just the right amount of contrast is an ideal choice, as is navy blue or grey. 

A great cross-section of non-color combinations are shown in the picture above.

 The image was selected so that we could demonstrate that brown shirts and black pants are often worn together because they work well together and aren’t too flashy (plus they’re just plain comfortable).

1.  The Ipod Wear dark colors –

 the white is almost as light a beige as possible, and don’t try to match the ‘ wheat” band color exactly to your shirt; it will make it look like you are wearing a band on your head or something else odd.

 Instead blend in with other people’s headbands so they blend in with your outfit instead of looking like you got lost on your way to town and picked up an old headband from someone else’s car.

2. T-Shirts –

 the shirt with the white stripe down the middle is a great example of a shirt that will camouflage your headband, but I’ve never seen anyone else wearing one. 

Don’t wear stripes, and don’t wear plain white shirts with no other pattern on them; avoid all of those at all costs!

3. Formal Fit Portray yourself as a person who knows exactly what they are doing – 

Smart business attire is often in black with just the right amount of contrast and silver accessories such as watches or cufflinks.

4. Casual –

The hoodie is a classic and one of the most popular casual items out there. Not only do they keep you warm, but they also hide your headband so well you might as well not be wearing it. 

Opt for dark colors as opposed to lighter ones and try to avoid designs, especially if it’s a popular design repeated across multiple different manufacturers; that way your fashion sense is unique and not something that can be mimicked by someone who is trying to fit in with the cool kids.

5. Shoes –

In general the most common solid sneaker color seems to be white, matched with the occasional black or white pair (like the one pictured).

 While you can wear black socks with sneakers, many people like to go with colored socks to match their shoes. 

It adds a splash of color that can sometimes be missed if you don’t have a pair of colorful laces for your kicks.

6. Sandals –

A good pair of sandals is an excellent idea because they will protect your feet from hot pavement or burning embers while they keep you cool, but they also prove to be a nice casual change from the normal shoe selection.

7. Sneakers –

The classic Nike style is black or white (black pictured here), but they do keep the occasional colorful one in their line of low-cost and high quality shoes. 

The nice thing about sneakers is that because they are so common you can wear virtually any hat with them, since most hats aren’t all that formal and few people are willing to wear a ball cap with a suit jacket.

8. Accessory –

Most accessories are cross-compatible so don’t worry about wearing the same one twice in the same outfit; for example, the watch pictured above is a good choice for both casual wear and business wear.

 If you’re worried about matching accessories to your outfit, avoid adding patterns to your headband or hat unless you have a really cool headband that’s patterned anyway. 

Also, if you’re going to pick one accessory per outfit, be sure that it has as little color as possible or it could easily begin to clash with your outfit (like the watch pictured above).

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