Warframe is a sprawling action-adventure video game designed for the personal computer and most recently, the PlayStation 4.

 It’s set in a science fiction universe where players take on the role of Warframes, armored exoskeletons which are worn by Tenno, cybernetically enhanced warriors. 

While you can choose between 14 different Warframes upon beginning your Tenno journey, there will be many more available to unlock as you progress. Here is a list of ten of my favorite weapons to use in Warframe.

 Keep in mind that this list only includes weapons useful for new players without any real experience with weapon types. 

So, if you are a long-time veteran of Warframe, these weapons might not make the cut.

Let’s begin with the Soma. This one-handed rifle does some serious damage and has an even more serious downside: it’s a semi-auto weapon with a massive magazine size of 36 rounds

While that is all well and good, this weapon suffers from extreme recoil when using it in automatic mode. It’s probably best used in manual mode, which has a fire rate more akin to what you would expect to find on most full-auto rifles.

 In my opinion, this weapon would be great for new players since its high rate of fire means quick kills and fewer bullets required per enemy kill.

Best Weapons of  warframe weapon tiers List :

1. Soma – 

One of the best weapons in Warframe, dealing high damage and still retaining a very large magazine size.

2. Latron Prime –

 A solid weapon all around, doing great kinetic and thermal damage. Very accurate as well.

3. Ballistica –

 Excellent for new players that may be a bit underpowered to begin with. I always liked using this weapon in stealth missions early on in my Warframe career.

4 . Ignis –

 The base damage of this weapon is way too low for my taste, but its fire rate makes up for it. This is one of the best weapons for turning large groups into piles of smoldering ash in an instant.

5 . Phage – 

A powerful weapon with a big magazine size and high fire rate, but it takes some getting used to for a new player.

6 . Ash –

 Best gun in Warframe, hands down. The only reason this one is so low on the list is because I think it’s too difficult to make use of effectively as a new player.

7 . Phosphorus –

 This weapon is best used at midrange since it deals devastating damage from there and has an almost perfect accuracy.

8 . Braton Prime –

 Very good for taking out large groups of enemies, but its low rate of fire makes this one of my least favored weapons in Warframe.

9 . Lato Prime – 

Not much to say about this one other than, “Yes.”

10 . Sicarus Prime –

 It’s all about the recoil with this one. But it does have some great damage, so it’s a good choice for those that can master the recoil fully.

11 . Akstiletto –

 This weapon gets the job done pretty well, but feels like a bit of a waste of resources to new players.

12 . Dual-Wielded Railgun (4-piece) – 

Only because I love having a railgun in Warframe. The damage and fire rate are great for a three-round burst.

Worst weapons of Warframe Weapon Tier List : 

1. Kunai – 

While it is a very good starter weapon, the Kunai is rendered obsolete as soon as you can get your hands on better weapons.

2. Scindo Prime – 

This weapon doesn’t have that much of a purpose once you have other melee weapons and can’t be modded with any worthwhile accessories.

3. Akbolto Prime –

A solid projectile weapon for a new player, but like the Twin Grakatas, this one needs to be replaced with something much better after a while.

4 . Hikou Prime – 

Another good starter weapon that can be replaced easily by many others and doesn’t see much use after that in veteran Warframe players’ arsenals.

5 . Telos Boltor –

 My least favorite weapon in Warframe and a prime example of why Warframe’s developers have their work cut out for them.

6 . Braton Vandal –

 The only reason this one is on the list at all is because I think Unairu is better than it. Not much to say here. It will quickly be replaced by other, better weapons.

7 . Soma Prime – 

An average damage-per-shot weapon that doesn’t offer anything special over other good starter weapons such as the Latron Prime or Ash Prime.

8 . Akstiletto Prime – 

The only reason this one’s on the list of worst weapons is because it’s the exact same gist as the base version. It doesn’t really perform any better than it, either.

9 . Lex Prime –

 It sounds good on paper with decent stats, but once again I don’t really see any practical use for this weapon other than its very low Mastery Rank requirement.

10 . Supra Vandal –

 Basically just a weaker Braton Vandal. Just use a Braton Vandal if you want that instead. There is nothing special about the Supra Vandal except for its lower Mastery Rank requirement.

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