When it comes to experiencing the most out of an adventure, few modes of transportation can compare to the recreational vehicle – or as it’s more commonly known, the RV. These vehicles allow you to travel long distances and allow you to experience the best parts of a road trip. They also come fully loaded with everything you need to set up camp and make a central base of operations for your adventure. 

1. Every Member of the Family in on the Luxury

The best part of a Bowlus luxury RV is how there really is something for everyone! With heat controlled feeding bowls and a coordinated pet bed, now even the fluffy family members can travel in style! 

Using unique Pet-Flex technology that seamlessly integrates with your luxury RV’s living space, these awesome accommodations don’t even take up any kind of footprint! 

2. Real Power – That Empowers

With a Bowlus, you’re not just driving through the beautiful scenery, you are quite literally even sleeping in it! For a lot of people, their RV only makes this doable through RV parks and dedicated power sources – but for luxury RVs the ability to boondock is an option. 

With one of the most advanced lithium iron phosphate power systems, staying off the grid has never been more attainable. Your bowlus luxury RV can keep a charge for up to a whole week! What’s more, is that it’s only a matter of three to four hours to recharge your unit and get right back to the adventure.

3. Ample Kitchen Space, Inside and Out

A vacation is only as good as the food! With the bowful luxury RV, you don’t have to always rely on take out or campfires! Your adventure can really feel like home with ample kitchen space, stainless steel surfaces, and even outdoor power and surface areas perfect for making a family dinner after a long day!

4. Comfort – You’ll Feel Like Your Sleeping at Home

Not only does a Bowlus luxury RV help you get as close to the adventure as you want – but it keeps you cozy and comfortable. With ample sleeping accommodations and a master bedroom that can transform into an area for two, you have enough room for the whole family. 

5. Security: Private Wifi and Router

Roughin it might have it’s charm, but so does staying connected to the important things of life. When you need to plug back into the network, you don’t have to worry about public access and unsafe internet connections. Private, secure and reliable internet is yours when you want it.

6. Smarter Brakes Equals Greater Peace of Mind

Bluetooth brakes help your luxury RV know exactly how to interact with the vehicle you are using to transport it. Not only that, but with recognition software, you can switch between vehicles and it remembers each one specifically.

7. All the Fun None of the Emissions

Bowlus believes in making sure that you never run out of energy on your adventure. If you chose to use an EV SUV then we have a built-in safety mechanism for when you’re running low and need just a bit more to make it to a charging station. With a built-in microcharge, you can get a boost of up to sixteen extra miles in a pinch! 

8. Built in Water Filter

The adventure can take you places – and you always wanna make sure you have the necessities in hand! The two stage filtration system in a bowlus luxury RV ensures odorless, clean and refreshing water no matter where your travels take you!

9. Fresh Air, Both Outside and In

With top of the line air filtration systems in place, you can be sure that you’ll be breathing easy every night thanks to HEPA filtration along with UVC that helps to keep your inside air the highest quality. 

10. Private GPS Tracking, Perfect for Off the Grid Camping

Going off the grid is a must when you take your luxury bowlus RV out on an adventure. With all the wonderful features and powerful tools that it brings to the table, this has never been more accessible and now with private GPS tracking, you can log your unique camping area and share it with whomever you want! 

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