A water purifier is one of the most demanded appliances that is loved and valued in almost all types of households. Just by installing a water purifier in your house, you can enjoy access to a constant supply of clean, pure, and healthy drinking water all the time. However, being a machine, a water purifier can stop functioning at any given time, and cause hindrance to your life. Almost every person out there owning a RO water purifier might have encountered this issue. The problem can be rectified by a professional RO service provider.

Here are some of the top reasons why your RO water purifier might stop working and need experts’ help.

RO Water Purifier Can Stop Working Because of This

Zero Water in the Tank

The tank of the RO water purifier having no water is a common scenario that can happen at any time. You might turn off the water purifier before hitting the bed at night, mistakenly, and forget to turn it back on in the morning. And during this time, the entire water would have been used inside the tank, leaving it vacant. The solution is quite simple, and all you have to make sure of is to turn on the electric supply and check that the feeder valve is switched on. The water purifier should start functioning in no time.

But if at all it doesn’t resume operation, you can always contact a water purifier service provider near you to come and have a look.

Water Purifier Doesn’t Have Electric Supply

This situation too might occur at any given time, if there is no input power at the power-point. The problem might also be a result of loose and faulty connections somewhere. Try counting on a tester to find out if the power point has an electric supply or not. In case you are a novice at dealing with power and electricity, you can always rely on a RO service engineer to come and evaluate the issue. But in case the power-point is receiving a power supply, you must check if the plug is properly inserted. Another reason why your RO water purifier refuses to work is because of loose and faulty connections.

However, if there aren’t any loose or faulty connections, then contacting your water purifier service provider is the only way out, since the fault might lay inside the machine.

Other Reason Why Your Water Purifier Wouldn’t Work

There are high possibilities that fluctuations in voltages are resulting in the burning out of the SMPS adapter, more so, if you lack circuit breakers. You wouldn’t have any idea about replacing these components. Henceforth, the best advice is to rely on a professional.

The Feeder Valve isn’t Turned on

The RO water purifier doesn’t include any individual water inlet. The user is expected to get a feeder valve installed to the primary kitchen water source and make the water to the water purifier. You can call upon a RO service provider and ask them to check the feeder valve, given how unknowingly you might have turned it off. The water supply will resume to the water purifier, once someone turns on the feeder valve. The purifier should start functioning in no time.

Pressure Pump Malfunctioning

The RO process is all about the pumping of water at immense pressure through the semipermeable RO membrane. Every RO water purifier is designed with an in-built pressure pump. Since you wouldn’t understand if the pump is working or not, here is a trick to get an idea. Right when you turn on the pressure pump, it makes a whirring noise. Be rest assured that the pump is malfunctioning if you don’t hear this sound.  Since the pressure pumps cannot be repaired, you can check with your RO service provider to come and check the matter. You might have to opt for a pressure pump replacement.

Low-Pressure Switch Undergoing a Short Circuit

For adequate pressure, the RO water purifier demands input water. The machine might automatically switch off if the pressure drops below the borderline level. The machine might break down if the low-pressure switch undergoes a short-circuit. Your water purifier service technicians should be able to carry out a low-pressure switch replacement in no time. Another thing that you must take care of is whether the input water pressure is within the recommended limits.

The Solenoid Valve Undergoes a Short-Circuit

The solenoid valve plays a crucial role in purifying water. The solenoid valve is designed to thwart the flowing of wastewater inside the RO membrane, the moment you turn off the machine. But if the RO membrane undergoes a short-circuit, it might completely prevent the water flow inside the RO membrane and henceforth turn off the machine. Upon being summoned the RO water purifier service company would send in engineers who can replace the solenoid valve and help resume the operation of the water purifier.

Here are some of the reasons why your RO water purifier might stop functioning. And though you might gather the knowledge to fix the minor issues by yourself, getting in touch with a certified and insured RO service provider is always preferable, given their skill to cater to larger issues. The service provider can come and check the purifier at routine intervals to check if the machine is seamlessly performing. Getting help from the service provider is important, as your appliance would enjoy everyday servicing.

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