This article will go through many different places where things are kept. 

The faraway place where things are kept, is actually called the attic. The attic can hold a lot of items because it has lots of space and many different levels.

A typical example of a “faraway place” would be a warehouse in China, or the back office of a large corporation.

 In addition to teaching you, the reader, about these different places, this article will also provide a brief definition of each place and what it looks like from its point of view.

The Faraway Place can be used to explore what’s hidden under the surface of our minds and this article will show you how to get there by using meditation and imagery techniques.

 Clothes, toys, old furniture, and other items go up to the attic from time to time. But sometimes people also store important documents there too!

 For example: a birth certificate might be stored in the attic as well as some legal papers. 

The main topic of this article is where things are kept. This article will be talking about

 the faraway place where things are kept . It will also talk about each place that it introduces you to and whether or not you would like it.

These places include; the start of something, the end of something, somewhere in between, somewhere else , somewhere else, where nothing happens, and anywhere else.

 This is why I added the names of these places since they are all related to each other. 

The Faraway places where things are kept are  :

1. The Start of Something :

It is the start of something. It is like the beginning of something.

It is related to the things that are starting to start, or be in motion. An example of this would be an object moving in space.

Here are some examples:

A) The start of a movie : 

It is like when you put a disc into a player and it starts to play .

B) The end of something :

It is like when you take a disk out of your player or turn off your tv or phone or computer , etc.

2. The End of Something :

It is the end of something. It is related to the things that had just started and then were done with. 

3. Somewhere in between : 

It’s like when you put on a cd and it starts to play  . 

This is like the point in between like when things begin or happen or end .

 This is like the middle point where something happens, begins, or ends .

4. Somewhere else :

It is like a place where nothing happens .

 This is a place where everything happens, a person being born, things being created, objects being made. It is a place that produces things from the source of creation.

 It is like anywhere else , it can be anywhere that you would want to go or not be at all . To put it to a point, it is the place that everything else is from.

5. Where nothing happens :

 It is where everything that does not happen happens, a place where nothing happens , a place where there is no something.

 Everything just stays in this same location , there is no motion or movement going on. Nothing ever being done for this category of places. 

This category can have any size or shape to it and have any type of thing in it. Everything can be in this category. 

It does not matter if the thing is big or small, it can be any shape or size. 

This category of places are usually large in size and have many different things in them that do not move at all. 

Examples of this include things like a building that is always there , a mountain that is always there, an island that is always there, anything that does not move.

6. Anywhere else : 

It is just anywhere else, it is just somewhere else that you would not want to be at all. It is just a place you would not want to be at all. 

An example of this is if you are in school or doing something and it gets so boring or annoying that you want to leave the place, so you go somewhere where there is no one , no one around.  

The sky can be anywhere else for example. So can other planets or other galaxies . 

Another example of this are caves where there are no other people in them except for the person that made the caves. Also , examples of this may include other planets like Mars, Jupiter, etc.

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