Borderlands 2 is the sequel to the classic first-person shooter, Borderlands.

 The game’s focus on cooperative play and in particular its four player co-op campaign is a great change from what we saw when it comes to shooters.

With explosive weapons, different character classes and an amazing loot system, Borderlands 2 is one of the best shooters in recent memory. 

Besides all this, Borderlands 2 has a great story that will keep you entertained for hours.

borderlands 2 follow the glow is a quest that will get you just that little bit closer to the Vault Key.

The quest is pretty simple. Simply go to the Three Horns Valley and follow the yellow glow to get to the location of Jack. Not only that but the quest has over 60 steps to it.

 The quest can be completed in less than eight hours, but it may take you up to 20 hours to complete the entire quest.

There are many other quests in Borderlands 2 worth completing aside from this, so to get this one done is not something bad. 

 The most important thing before you start playing is to know how Borderlands 2 will play out for you. 

Find the right weapons that match the right characters that fit into your playstyle which can be tough since there are so many choices for everyone.”

Making sure you go out of your way to complete both side quests will help you gain some extra experience while making you kind of miss out on getting extra money for your character.

2 Follow the glow: Borderlands 2 objectives that will help you complete the quest faster:

1. Find the ‘E-Tech HQ’ within the game.

 This is where you will find the E-Tech Plasma weapon that comes with the ‘E-Tech capacitor’. 

The gun can be found in the lower section of the HQ.The E-tech plasma gun has a larger ammo clip than the standard plasma guns and an increased rate of fire.

 Along with those benefits, it can also be upgraded to fire off a ‘plasma storm’ that will cover a wider range and do more damage than just firing single shots.

2. After you complete the side quest ‘Wildlife Preservation’, go ahead and accept ‘The Overlooked:

 Medicine Man’s form Mordecai. This quest will notify you to go to Opportunity and seek out Drifter, who happens to be located at The Scrapyard, which is also known as Lynchwood.

 But it is worth noting that Ruby has a higher chance of appearing with this quest than normal.

3. Take the quest :

Now take the Quest ‘Found in Translation’ and follow up with the ‘Drifter (Handsome Jack)’. 

This will give you another side quest that will allow you to complete this quest.

4.  Go ahead and accept :

Accept the ‘The Key to Extraction’ that is located within Fyrestone. 

You don’t need to for this one but it does offer a really good amount of experience and money for your character if you do go ahead and complete it.

5. The side quest ‘Best Minion Ever’:

 This is located in New Haven, which is near Concordia. You will need to kill spiderants with commando weapons.

6. Further accept the side quest:

Furthur accept ‘The Overlooked: Medicine Man’s form Mordecai; this involves following a navpoint of where he wants you to go to get his meds.

 This quest is offered by Mordecai after you complete your tasks for him during the Wildlife Preservation quest.

7. After completing the ‘Drifter (Handsome Jack)’ quest :

 Accept the ‘The Key to Extraction’ that will allow you to do the drilling.

You can now access the treasure: kill all enemies

8. Complete Drifters ‘Captain Flynt’ quest in Concordia :

 Be careful when you are heading into the area of hunters because they will be hostile towards you when you are proceeding through their territory.

So be prepared with your weapons or better yet, if they are snipers wearing red armor, use a character that is good with sniper rifles .

So that when they see you, they will give up their spots.

9.The ‘Claptrap’s Secret Stash’ quest from Moxxi :

 This involves you going to a particular location, The Highlands, and protecting a couple of claptraps as they build something that will blow up some mufflers for you to get access to at the Overlook.

10. Accept the ‘Rakkaholics Anonymous’ quest offered by Tannis in Sanctuary :

All you need to do is kill bandit snipers wearing red armor.

The quest will be active for a limited amount of time, so act quickly.

If you find yourself dying over and over again, the problem may not be the snipers themselves but rather your weapon’s stats.

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