As digital technology evolves, the time you spend in front of your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and other devices will continue to increase. It can have significant implications on your eye health. 

Whether it is for work or leisure does not matter. The result is the same – the blue light from the screen will affect your vision given enough time. 

While being mindful about your screen time and resting your eyes every 20 minutes might help, there is one more thing that you can do to protect your eyes: wear blue light glasses. It offers many potential benefits, but before you get to them, take a closer look at what blue light is. 

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is produced by the sun and red, orange, green, and other light wavelengths. It is also emitted by fluorescent bulbs and electronic devices with screens. In short, whether you spend most of your time outdoors or inside the house, you are constantly exposed to blue light. 

The problem is that when blue light hits your eyes, it goes straight to the back of your retina. When this happens, it triggers the release of toxic molecules in the photoreceptor cells and increases your chances of developing age-related macular degeneration or AMD. 

Wearing blue light eyeglasses can help filter some of the blue light and provide some level of protection for your eyes. Blue light eyeglasses with clear lenses can block up to 40%, while tinted ones can block as much as 65%. 

However, some people complain that wearing tinted glasses for long periods affects their colour perception, so this is something for you to consider.    

Potential Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Glasses

Are you working remotely and finding yourself in front of the computer longer than before? Do you spend hours looking at your social media account, trying to keep in touch with friends and family? 

If you are like many people whose lives have been changed by the pandemic in this manner, investing in blue light eyeglasses might be a good idea. 

If you stare at your computer screen or smartphone for hours, your eyes will eventually tire out. As mentioned before, resting your eyes every 20 minutes would help you reduce stress and preserve your vision. You can do this by looking at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. 

Blue light glasses can also help you in this situation because they can block out most of the blue light, making it easier for your eyes to focus. With less effort, you will experience less strain. 

Aside from straining your eyes, blue light from electronic devices can also mess with your sleep cycle. Similar to how sunlight can stimulate your brain to wake up, your devices can disrupt the release of melatonin, which is the hormone that makes you sleepy.

Putting away your device at least three hours before sleeping will help your mind wind down, but if using your computer or smartphone can’t be helped, try using blue light glasses.

There are many ways to manage the effects of blue light, like resting your eyes or reducing your screen time. However, with the current situation, there will be times that these are not doable. To make sure that you are protected under any situation, invest in blue light eyeglasses today.   

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