Any business can make use of improved IT services, however, what about best practice when it comes to using those services? When it comes to call monitoring, call centres are a perfect example, however, they do tend to wear a bad name due to cold calling. Most call centres though are there to provide a service, how good their service is, is another matter entirely. Communication is King in business so, let’s use the call centre example and focus on their best practice techniques, there’s a reason why call centres, ‘in general are still in operation’.


The best call centres take their time with their new staff and maintain a steady level of support for those who have been there a while which is crucial. You’ve given a job to somebody based upon something you see, a potential that needs to be nurtured before they are let loose on the VoIP system which is precisely why some of the top firms will have a 2–3-week training program before they even let their newbies near a phone. Search online for a local company offering VoIP solutions and let the experts set up your network.

When it comes to the existing employees, it’s really important to keep them informed with all of the latest knowledge and training, especially with new equipment or procedures. After all, there is every chance that your newbie will be sitting with an ‘old timer’ for support. The last thing you want is for them to be giving the newbie advice based upon something they learnt 4 years ago or contradicting what the newbie has been taught in training. 

Senior support team

It would be easy to assume that something like call monitoring would be taken care of by a manager as part of their daily duties but, if you’ve ever worked in a call centre then, you will know that they have enough on their plate as it is. In order to ensure that call monitoring receives the time and respect that it deserves, the best ‘customer focused’ companies put together a team of experienced agents who have enough time to dedicate towards monitoring, assessing and providing feedback as well as assistance where needed. 

Scripts that make sense

Most call centres will use a script of some sort as part of their regulatory obligations however, especially in a sales environment, the words that are used within the script are almost more important than the content itself. If the script is well thought through and created from the mindset of a customer, with zero jargon and a personable approach then you stand a much better chance of sparking a positive reaction, even if the answer is a no.

Generally speaking, customers don’t want to be bothered with sales blabber, or somebody speaking so fast that they just end up confused and irritated. The industry leaders have recognised this and as such, their promotions are based upon what a customer wants in terms of approach. If they are prepared to listen then, they will want to know, how what you are offering will benefit them, how much money will it save them or, how much does it cost and, whether or not they need to do anything. Simple, clear and concise, delivered in a friendly manner and straight to the point.   

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