Moving somewhere new enables you to have a new start to life. Getting out of the normal routine can significantly improve your health and mental well being and more people are moving today than at any other time in history. The notion to move can come from a new job opportunity, potential for increased educational opportunities, or just to be closer to family, but no matter why you are moving, consider Sacramento, CA. This city is growing and if you intend on moving here, there are a few things you will want to know. 

The First Shopping Mall

Every location seems to be famous for something and being located in a state that is known for high end shopping, it is not surprising that the very first shopping mall was built here in 1945. It was Sacramento’s answer to the woes of the great depression and used as a means to provide economic relief to businesses while providing shopper’s paradise to customers. Since then, Sacramento, CA has continued to be a shopping destination, so while living here, you will most certainly begin find a little retail therapy goes a long way to enhancing your happiness. 

The Weather

Weather can be a significant draw to a new location and everyone has their own personal favorite weather type. Some love the snow, while others prefer dry conditions and when living in Sacramento, CA, you can expect classic California sunshine. Sacramento boasts at least 265 sunny days each year, so there is plenty of ability to get out and enjoy some beautiful weather. However, if you want snow, you will just have to venture elsewhere. Sacramento has seen snow 3 times since 1990 and it does not look like there will be a day number 4 for the white stuff anytime soon. 

Diversity at Its Best

California is one of the more diverse states you will find anywhere and specifically, Sacramento, CA has become known as one of the most diverse cities in the state. Virtually every nationality can be seen represented in this city of over 500,000 people. If you feel as though you do not belong based on your cultural background, just look around in Sacramento. You will find your people and plenty of diversity, so everyone can feel included here no matter their belief or background. 

The Best Cheeseburgers

When people think of California, healthy lifestyles and beautiful beach bodies might come to mind, but in Sacramento, CA the residents also know how to let lose a little and have a good old fashioned American cheeseburger. In fact, Sacramento, CA is home to the best cheeseburgers available. Establishments such as the Squeeze Inn have become famous in Sacramento for amazing cheeseburger experiences and their secret seems to be in the cheese. It is not the type, but the amount of cheese put on each burger that makes it so special. They use a lot of cheese on burgers here. You will not want to eat them anywhere else once you have had a taste of cheeseburgers in Sacramento, CA. 

Eco Friendly Homes Are Everywhere

When moving into a new city, the notion of where to live seems to be dependent upon the square footage and how many rooms you need for your family, but in Sacramento, CA you will have more things to consider. The California eco-friendly mindset has exploded in this city. So much so that many homes and businesses now use solar panels to power at least a portion of their home’s power consumption. Residents have become more proactive about clean energy resources in recent years, so when you are seeking apartments, rentals, or homes to purchase, you may have more options for power than just being connected to the city grid. 

Take Time to Find Out Where You Want to Live

Moving to any new city takes some getting used to and Sacramento, CA is no different. When moving into this city, buying a home can be very expensive, but renting first will give you more options when it comes to where you want to live. However, the drawback to renting is the fact that rentals and apartments are generally smaller than a purchased home, so if you find yourself renting for a while before making a big purchase, consider storage units in Sacramento, CA to help alleviate the burden of space in the home. You can store anything in a storage unit and they offer an affordable way to keep your belongings safe. 

Top Rated Hospital

These days, health and wellness are on the minds of all of us and anyone lucky enough to live close to an average ranked hospital is doing pretty good. When you live in Sacramento, CA, you will be thankful to live close to UC Davis Medical Center. This hospital is not an average medical facility but is currently ranked as 50th in the nation’s best hospital ranking, so no matter what your ailment is, you are in the presence of certified, well trained, doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. 

Sacramento Loves Almonds

If you eat almonds here in America, they probably came from California. Currently, the state supplies 98.5% of America’s almonds, so if you are a lover of these health foods, you can thank the state to their commitment to quality nuts. Sacramento, CA is home to one of the more famous brands of almonds, Blue Diamond, so if you love almonds, you will always have a fresh supply. 

Moving to Sacramento, CA can be concerning as it is a very large city, but in this culturally diverse location, you will enjoy a unique sense of community that can be felt throughout the city. Sacramento is growing in its popularity and residents seem to enjoy the ability to have fun in the sun during the summer and should they want a little skiing, Lake Tahoe is just a few hours away. Sacramento, CA is a melting pot like no other and that is what residents enjoy most about this unique place. 

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