Contacting employers is one of the first steps, but it’s not always easy. People are looking for different skills, so you need to have them listed on your resume upfront. If you’re not skilled enough in a certain field, don’t worry! 

There are ways to find opportunities without hiring an expensive consultant or marketing firm.

In my experience, it all begins with approachability from both sides of the desk. 

You want employers who are excited about your accomplishments and eager to learn more about you – but you also want to invest your time in those companies that show a sincere interest in your skills and qualifications.

And a big part of this is getting a sense, from the get-go, of whether a company has a culture that matches your values and interests.  Something With Numbers has some more information about connecting talented professionals to the best opportunities.

That’s why I take the time to get to know my candidates and understand what they value most in their professional lives. 

I also focus on building lasting relationships with them because I want to work with people who are excited about my services and want to continue working with me when it’s time for them to find that next great opportunity.

As a tech recruiter, I’m constantly asked to give advice on how to get a tech job. And for many it’s not just the tech jobs that they’re looking for, but the best tech job opportunities online. 

So when it comes to which tech jobs are up-and-coming in demand right now, people usually ask me about Big Data and Analytics jobs.

I recently sat down with a software engineer who I helped find a Big Data Position. He told me that he looked for several months and couldn’t find anything. But once we started working together, we found the perfect job opportunity for him in under two weeks! 

And this is typical of how my clients experience things: once they start working with me, it takes them much less time to find a great position than if they were to work on their own.

A few years ago, the idea of multi-talented professionals on a project team often didn’t exist. Today, it is no longer an enviable yet somewhat rare situation. Breaking talented people into teams for projects and finding ways to place them in the best position to succeed is essential in today’s job market. 

When you’re looking for talent, make sure you ask about their skills, experience and interests to find out what they can do that will be beneficial to your project. Hiring good talent isn’t only having the right skill set; it’s also knowing how they’ll fit into your team and company culture.

With that in mind, consider the following 5 points to find unique talent on your project teams.

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Look at the Personality Profile

Knowing someone’s personality is easier said than done, but it can help you better understand how that person will fit into your team. Personality profiling allows you to see how someone will respond, think and act when working together. 

When they are on your team, their personality will be one of the first things you notice about them. The more information you can get on their personality profile, the better off you’ll be as a project lead or manager. If you don’t have access to personality profiling, then use your own insights and observations on someone’s personality to determine how they will fit in your team.

Look for Communication Skills

What do you like about communicating with certain people? How do they make you feel? If someone has good communication skills, they will make the time to be clear with you and others. A person who lacks communication skills will come off as rude or mean at times. They also may not ask for help when it is needed and may struggle to listen and understand what someone else is saying. 

Communication skills are important for team projects since it gives the team a medium for communicating effectively with one another. This can be almost as important as what each team member is doing. If someone has good communication skills, they will get along just fine on your project team.

Look at Their Interests Outside of the Job

Everyone has hobbies and interests that they engage in when they’re not at work. There are people who play sports or engage in creative endeavors like writing or drawing.

Find out what someone’s interests are outside of work and you’ll get an idea of how they think and how they would act when on your project team. If you know someone is passionate about books, then ask them about their favorite books to read for fun.

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