So, you’re running a political fundraising campaign and want some help? Great! You’ve come to the right place. 

Nowadays, running a successful fundraising campaign is much easier than it used to be. This is largely thanks to modern technology, which makes getting your message out into the public domain incredibly straight-forward. 

Political campaigners and marketers now have access to a wide range of knowledge about what makes voters and donors tick. In turn, this allows campaigns and marketing materials to be carefully designed so that they appeal to the right people.

To make your life easier, this article has compiled a list of tips and tricks that will make your fundraising campaign a success. 

Actions to take

First, it’s important to establish 3 actions you should take. 

  1. Use SMS marketing 

SMS marketing is unbelievably effective for political fundraising campaigns. It enables you to reach thousands (and potentially millions) of donators and voters, simply through sending text messages. 

Your text messages should be well composed and designed. The idea is that you make is clear to the receivers why you are contacting them. Either at the beginning or end of your message should be a call-to-action, such as ‘DONATE NOW’ or ‘JOIN OUR FUNDRAISING EVENT THIS SUNDAY’. This way, you’re much more likely to accomplish your fundraising goals. 

To create and execute the best possible SMS marketing campaigns, you should get professional help from Tatango. Through using Tatango’s simple and easy SMS marketing software, you’ll be able to easily connect with voters and donors whenever you need to.

You’ll even get access to tons of helpful information surrounding the messages you send, such as how many people clicked on your message and how many people donated money to your campaign. 

  1. Add email marketing to your strategy, too 

In addition to SMS marketing, you should also be focused on email marketing. Email marketing is almost identical, except donors are contacted via email instead of text. Generally, emails allow more space for creativity, such as the inclusion of images and website links, which makes them a great addition to your marketing arsenal. 

  1. Go door-to-door

The internet is the modern-day king of marketing. However, this doesn’t mean that traditional fundraising methods, such as going door-to-door, aren’t still effective. In fact, going door-to-door is great for adding a personal touch to your fundraising efforts; as people are being met with friendly faces. 

Key Areas for Your Campaign to Focus On 

  1. Incentivize donors

Donors need to be incentivized by your fundraising. Essentially, what’s in it for them and where is the money going? Be clear and concise when conveying this message. 

  1. Answer questions (a lot of them)

Today’s political climate is dominated by uncertainty. Donors and voters don’t like to be left in the dark surrounding issues; they want clear, easy-to-understand answers. 

  1. Be inclusive

Inclusiveness should be front and center of your fundraising efforts. This way, you appeal to more voters. You should have a range of different ages, races, and faces in your team and marketing content.  

Extra Tip: Stay in regular contact with your donors

Make sure to stay in contact with donors to let them know how they’ve helped.

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