Getting engaged is undoubtedly an extraordinary moment, and no one can imagine this celebration without the presence of a beautiful engagement ring. That is the reason why couples spend so much time searching for the perfect one. Today, the market is flooded with innumerable ring styles and designs, and hence you can explore engagement rings made of premium precious metals, like platinum, gold, and silver online. Moreover, these rings can also be customised according to your liking. 

However, it can become somewhat of a challenge to zero in on a particular style with numerous designs at your disposal. But today, you don’t need to conform to any outdated rule when choosing a ring for yourself; just pick one that you feel truly reflects your personality and taste. 

So, here are some of the trending styles to explore@

1. Solitaire 

It is a classic style for an engagement ring. This traditional style has rings with one centre stone. In fact, the name solitaire comes from the presence of only one stone in the engagement ring design. Moreover, in this ring style, a solitaire diamond is mounted on a band with either a claw or a prong setting, and it is perfect for those having an elegant and minimalist taste. Solitaire rings are also evergreen and durable. 

2. Cluster 

These types of rings initially began as an alternative to solitaire rings, and they feature a cluster of diamonds instead of a single large diamond. All these diamonds are tiny, have similar proportions, and are strategically positioned to give the illusion of a single large diamond. This is also the reason why they are also called illusion rings. This style is quite sparkly and also very versatile. Also, you can either go with a more conventional circle cluster or an asymmetrical design.

3. Pave 

It is a great way to customise an engagement ring, as the technique entails embedding tiny gems or diamonds into the ring’s band. It allows the ring to catch light and glimmer beautifully on the finger, and these ones are defined by their feminine and dainty appeal. They can also boost the appearance of an ordinary ring.

4. Halo 

It is a highly sought-after ring style among brides-to-be, and this is because it creates an exquisite shimmer while allowing the stone in the centre to shine. The halo stones reflect light on the stone in the centre, thus, allowing it to appear extraordinarily bright.

You can find many rounds or heart-shaped halo engagement rings styles, and they can suit all style sensibilities. That being said, choose a simple design, like something with emerald or sapphire, for a vintage look and feel. But if you desire endless sparkle, you can go in for a double halo.

5. Cathedral 

This sophisticated and traditional style has been in trend for decades now. It is called a cathedral because the metal of the shoulders and shank curves up to assist the diamond. You can observe that these curves look very similar to a cathedral’s arches. And the architectural vibes of such a style of engagement ring and its entire construction make it a sought-after jewel. Moreover, if you want more sparkle, you can set the curves with pave diamonds.

A piece of Jewellery denotes the commitment and connection of two humans towards one another. Meanwhile, an engagement ring expresses the love of an individual, and it is a significant asset that will stay with your partner for years to come. So, obviously, you would want to gift them the best. If that is your case, you can explore the different styles till you find the one that you feel is the most appropriate for your better half.

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