Are you moving to Florida? If so, consider looking at one of these up-and-coming areas in a beautiful city in this Sunshine State. You will surely enjoy the numerous outdoor activities, recreational areas, cultural amenities, tourist attractions, and proximity to other Florida excursions! 

Moving to Winter Garden, FL? Look for houses in one of these areas!

If you are considering moving to Winter Garden, FL, you first need to figure out some areas in which you might want to find a house. The population of this beautiful Floridian city is just under 41,000, with the unemployment rate just under 5% and the median income being a little over $58,000. 

The median age is just under 37 years old, while the comfort index of the climate is 7 out of 10. The positives of living here include the entertainment opportunity, outdoor recreation opportunities, and the strong job growth in the local area, with the economy flourishing. The only downside of trying to find a home in Winter Garden, FL is the high number of tourists in the summer months, the hot summers, and the growth and sprawl. 

Horizon West

One of the best places to move if you are looking to relocate to Winter Garden, FL is Horizon West. Horizon West in Winter Garden, FL is a community that is focused on making outdoor amenities and everyday amenities accessible to everyone who lives here! By trying to include urban amenities, like shopping and dining, with a natural feel, the people who live here can enjoy local community centers, conveniences within walking distance from the front door, and more outdoor space to enjoy. 

One of the main areas of Horizon West is the Village of Bridgwater with the Summerport Village. The Summerport Village includes the neighborhoods of Summerlake, Independence, and Summerport, featuring green spaces, community gardens, athletic pitches, living options, and other outdoor amenities that are suitable for families or young professionals

Another common living area in Horizon West is Lakeside Village, a new community that has the Westside Shoppes, neighborhood park, and local elementary school – making this neighborhood a good choice for families who want to move to Winter Garden, FL.


The next area that you should consider looking at if you are planning to move to Wintergarden, FL is the downtown area. Since every city’s downtown is always bustling and full of energy, you can expect moving there to be full of life, fun, and excitement. The downtown area of Wintergarden, FL is located right next to the beautiful Lake Apopka, a great place for outdoor activities, such as water sports or relaxing. Along with the lake, there are plenty of recreational opportunities, beautiful architecture, historical aspects, and the West Orange Trail, a 250-mile connector trail to the Coast to Coast ride. 

For those who want to move to Downtown Winter Garden, FL, you can enjoy the numerous museums, art exhibitions, Winter Garden Farmers Market, Downtown Pavilion, and outdoor areas where you can relax, work, or have a picnic. 


If you are considering moving to Winter Garden, FL, consider looking for houses in the Horizon West or Downtown area for the most livable location! 

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