Why Enclosed Auto Transport is Important

Your vehicle is a significant financial investment, and that’s why many people move with their cars wherever they go. Whether you’re traveling for work or just an extended vacation, there are many options you can use to move your vehicle. First, you can decide to drive the car yourself, accelerating natural wear and tear and spending long hours on unfamiliar roads. Alternatively, you can consider seeking assistance from car shipping companies, which will help you transport your car to wherever you want it.

However, choosing the type of transport to use for your vehicle might be overwhelming. You want your car to get safely transported with a reliable service but don’t want to wait for weeks for it to happen. The decision to go enclosed or open is usually based on price. While enclosed auto transport companies charge higher than their counterparts, the benefits of enclosed shipping outweigh shipping through open transport

Below, we outline the reasons why enclosed auto transport is essential.

1. Safety

The primary reason that you might get interested in transporting your car in an enclosed hauler is safety. Enclosed haulers keep your vehicle protected from harsh weather elements, including sun, snow, rain, and road hazards. Weather and its various changes can cause significant damage, especially to high-end sports cars, exquisite classic vehicles, and expensive executive automobiles. 

Such damage can render your pride-and-joy obsolete, risking losing a considerable portion of its value. A dent on your car can wipe a substantial value from its initial cost. So, if you have luxury or exotic cars, like race limousines, muscle, or high-end sports cars, protecting them against these elements using enclosed transportation is essential.

2. Peace of mind

We know you want your car to remain protected from roadside incidents like pilferage, accidents, and other unforeseen yet unfortunate occurrences. Although they are not intentional, accidents can happen. Also, minor accidents can occur during the transportation process. 

Such incidents pose a significant threat to the safety of your car and might end up leading to substantial losses. When you enlist enclosed auto transportation services, you can rest assured the vehicle will get to its intended destination safely.

3. Immobility

Most enclosed auto carriers can only accommodate only one car. This smaller size offers a unique safety mechanism that ensures your vehicle is clamped in place and cannot move while the enclosed hauler is in motion.

4. No risk of vandalism

Although some cases have been reported, vandalism should be one of your least concerns when you hire enclosed auto transport services. Deliberate vandalism can occur to vehicles transported using open auto transport haulers if the driver happens to stop along the way in a high-crime area. Protecting your car from vandalism can be a bit more costly than hiring an open auto transport to move your vehicle, but it’s a worthwhile investment.

5. Less worry and planning

If you intend to drive your car to your intended location, you will have to prepare the vehicle for long-distance travel and plan rest stops and gas refills. Also, you will have to know how and where to deal with breakdowns, long road work, and other unexpected travel challenges, including dealing with other drivers. 

However, when you hire professional enclosed auto transport service providers, you will have time and energy to direct your attention towards other important things. The auto transport company will make the required arrangements to help you transport your vehicle to your location, and you will not get overwhelmed with planning a road trip.

6. Saves time

If your daily schedule is too tight, hiring enclosed auto transport services is a perfect option because driving to your intended destination might take you several days. Most auto transportation companies have a computerized car trailing system for timely and door-to-door delivery. These advanced features ensure efficient delivery.

7. Professionalism and reliability

Reputable enclosed auto transport companies only hire truck drivers that have passed several background checks and have many years of experience transporting cars. You will be sure that your vehicle will get transported safely using the right equipment and will arrive at your location on time, in pristine condition.

Enclosed transport is widespread, and you should consider it if you want your car transported safely. However, make sure you do your research and thoughtful planning to ensure you make the best choice for your vehicle and you.

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