If you want to determine who the father is of your child, or you are a child trying to find their father, you can use a home-based method to gather your DNA and find any familial relations. 

The top 5 FAQs about using a paternity test kit 

If you’re nervous about using a paternity test kit to see who your father is, or who the father of your child is, you might have a few questions – and that is completely normal! Having questions before a special procedure is commonplace, and the same goes for doing this paternity testing at your house or in a clinic. Whether you are doing it in person or from the comfort of your own home, using a paternity test kit can provide you with accurate results to determine the father of the person tested. Since this can be a sensitive subject matter, make sure you look into some FAQs before doing the test to put your mind at ease. Find out more info about the paternity test kit.

How can I schedule a paternity test?

If you do not want to use a paternity test kit at your own home, you can set up a paternity test at a clinic or doctors’ office by finding a location near your house that does testing for you. You can either call the location, email the business, or fax your needs to the clinic to tell them what you’re looking for. Make sure that you provide information for the minor if you are testing for your child to see the paternity of them. 

How do you test DNA with a paternity test kit?

The second question that you might be unsure of is how does the test even read and test the DNA? The paternity test kit helps determine paternity and relationships to the person tested using genetic markers. The paternity test kit uses buccal swabs to get the DNA inside of the person’s cheek. In the laboratory or clinic, if you go to an in-person test, the DNA is extracted from the cheek cells. Sometimes, blood samples are used instead of cheek swabs if they are not available at the clinic. 

What is the paternity index?

When testing for paternity using a home paternity test kit, you might be wondering what the paternity index is. This measurement is the odds in favor of the person suspected of being the biological father of the child tested. In addition, the combined paternity index is calculated during the paternity test. 

Can a paternity test kit be used without the mother? 

Yes, you can use a paternity test kit without the mother, but having the mother there and on-board helps scientifically to let the lab determine which half of the kid’s genetic markers come from the female and which half come from the male. Legally speaking, the mother has to give consent to a minor who wants to do a paternity test

Will drugs or alcohol affect the paternity test results?

If you are using drugs or alcohol, don’t worry – the paternity test kit will not be hampered by using substances. 


If you are going to use a home paternity test kit to see the relation between an alleged father and your child, you need to read these 5 FAQs before having the procedure done! Although this procedure is easy to do and painless, reading as much information as you can before the process will give you peace of mind and calm you down before the test.

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