Online gambling is a $1.9 billion industry and continues to grow each year. With the growth of this industry, there are many people who are trying to cash in on the trend. 

Online gambling is now accessible anywhere with an internet connection and it has become a huge problem for those who gamble online because they do not realize how serious the consequences can be until it’s too late. 

In this blog post we will discuss some of the negative aspects that come with online gambling such as addiction, bankruptcy, and divorce which help illustrate why you should avoid all forms of gambling, if possible at all costs.

– Addiction: Online gambling addiction can happen just as quickly for some people as it would with a physical casino, and the consequences are much worse. 

People who gamble online usually start out playing small games such as slots but before long their bank account starts to dwindle away which forces them to play bigger stakes in order to win back what they had lost previously. 

The problem is that when you increase your bets over time, one loss can bankrupt you so easily because there’s no stopping this cycle until you’re broke or decide that enough is enough. 

One of the most heartbreaking stories we’ve seen recently was about an 18 year old boy from Wales who died after his family found him unconscious at home due to suicide related reasons stemming from his withdrawal from online gambling addiction.

– Divorce: A recent study found that divorce rates have doubled for those who gamble online in the last few years which is just one of many consequences you could face when it comes to your marriage and family life with an addiction like this. 

People often go into debt, lose their jobs or home because they are too focused on chasing something that can never be won, and end up hurting those around them without even realizing how bad things have gotten until it’s too late. 

Gambling has become a major issue within families nowadays due to its accessibility through technology and anyone who gambles should first consider what would happen if they hurt themselves, their spouse, or any other person close to them before going down this dangerous path full steam ahead.

– Bankruptcy: Not being able to pay your debts has become such a problem with online gambling that it is now the second most common reason for bankruptcy in the US, and there are many people who have filed for bankruptcy due to their addiction. 

When you gamble on any type of site, they take away a percentage of what you win as well as charge high fees which makes it difficult if not impossible to get ahead despite how much time or money you put into these games over time. 

With so many negative consequences associated with this industry, anyone looking towards investment opportunities should avoid all forms of gambling at all costs because even if someone wins big on one day, they’ll lose bigger than usual tomorrow making it an endless cycle that never turns a profit.

– Gambling Addiction: The National Council on Problem Gambling has found that addiction to gambling is the third most common type of behavioral addiction, and this is only one piece of information out of many within this industry which are often overlooked or ignored because they simply start off as harmless fun for some people. 

If you think that online gambling just sounds like it’s too much trouble than in person, then it probably should be avoided at all costs because there will always be someone who can find success with these games no matter how long you play them until your luck finally runs out.

As we have seen here through the negative aspects associated with Online Gambling, anyone looking towards investment opportunities should avoid all forms of gambling at all costs and consider the consequences, which are much worse in many cases than they would be at brick-and-mortar casinos.

If you’re stable financially and can afford to gamble online, then it is the best thing for you. If you wish to ever have this experience, you can visit

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