You might think that choosing your workwear is inconsequential. After all, clothes are clothes. But the truth is that your closet is full of all aspects of your personality and how you look at life. By spending a few minutes analysing your clothing can help you understand how you approach life and work. 

You can find the right women’s workwear at the Oxford shop or other similar online shops, and with them, you will be able to have a better hold of your life. Even small changes to your closet can result in major improvements in your life. Between colours and brands, there are so many decisions to make. And this guide can help you make some of them.


It is a known fact that seeing different colours can elicit specific responses in humans, and it works with clothes as well. When you wear a specific colour, it makes people feel a specific way. For instance, if you wear black, you will feel authoritative and powerful. If you wear blue, you will feel peaceful and creative. If you wear orange or red, you will broadcast positivity. Yellow is the perfect colour for feeling cheerful. And if you are feeling spiritually or wealthy, purple is the go-to colour.

Unworn Clothes

At some point, you would have bought something that looked spectacular only to have it hanging in your closet with the tags on. Sometimes you might do it because you want to trade it for something you might wear. But, in most cases, these clothes are just left behind in the closet. If there are many clothes like this in your wardrobe, you may be someone who wants a change in their life or work circumstances but isn’t ready to do it yet. You have a vision of your life, but you still have to take steps to turn it into reality.

Overworn Clothes

Having too many clothes that must be replaced or are worn out might be a sign that you are not letting go of the past. It could be the first suit that you bought that you just can’t throw away because it has a special place in your heart. But now, it is time to let it go, especially if it is sweat-stained or worn out.

Wrong Size

If your dress is too small or too big for your body, it can be a sign that you do not see yourself accurately. It can also be a signal for confidence issues that you have to address. These issues can hold you back from your true potential. Meanwhile, if you get your clothes slightly tailored and altered to fit you better, it can make a huge difference. You will feel more like yourself and gain confidence while translating to the different aspects of your professional life.

Dresses vs Pants (Women)

Seeing whether you have enough options of dresses or pants can tell about your feelings in terms of freedom to express yourself. In many cases, women who wear pants are often fascinating and highly successful. But, there is also a personal expectation that they have where they have to tone down their sexuality or body to be effective, and there is nothing wrong or right in this. However, it can definitely help you understand your work situation and personal clothing choices.


Wearing logos can be a great sport and make you feel chic. However, it might be time for you to do some self-reflection if your wardrobe is filled with them. People who always wear logos and designer brands might be hiding their true identities. If you can’t wear anything that doesn’t have a logo on it, it might be time for you to self-reflect on whether you are comfortable being yourself or not.

Some people don’t understand or believe in the importance of the right clothes, whether casual or workwear. But, the truth is that they can have a huge impact on how the world sees you and how you see yourself. So, the next time you are shopping for women’s workwear at the Oxford shop, or the like, remember to buy the right clothes. Nevertheless, buying the right/suitable clothes can help you improve yourself and have a better professional life.

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