What is a better way for you to find the right optometrist than to visit Macquarie Centre, a hub for shopping and services? It is a popular shopping district in Sydney that people go to for a variety of reasons. Even if you are a non-resident of the suburbs of Macquarie Park, you can still find whatever it is you need in this large shopping centre.

Whether you are in town to go shopping or a resident of the area looking for an optometrist, you know you can find quality products and services. If you are looking for a Macquarie Centre optometrist, make sure to ask the right questions. The following are questions to ask when you go to an optometrist in Macquarie Centre.

What are the treatments performed?

Consultation is just the first step. Once the doctor determines your condition, whether it is farsightedness or astigmatism, it will need to be treated. So, it is always good to ask what treatments are available for you to know what needs to be done on the spot. Before your appointment, you can always ask ahead of time the procedures they perform at their clinic in Macquarie Centre to avoid having to visit only to find out the treatment you need is unavailable.

Some of the procedures you can inquire about include digital retinal imaging scans, rebound tonometry, automated refraction, and more. A good optometrist should be able to perform these procedures if they are equipped with the latest technology and industry-grade machinery.

Are there alternatives to surgery?

There are alternatives as long as these methods are performed at the clinic you are going to visit. Do not forget to ask for alternatives. For example, if your eye condition needs surgery and you are not comfortable with it, you may want to ask if the optometrist performs procedures such as orthokeratology.

It is always good to have options, and if the optometrist you get in touch with has experience in the alternatives to surgical procedures, you know you are talking to a top-notch eye expert. Of course, it will depend on your condition, the diagnosis and prescription, and the expert’s opinion on whether the alternative will be beneficial for you or not, so do not be afraid to ask the right questions.

Are there product options?

Products are the eyewear you will be getting after the consultation and diagnosis. You will have to decide on the frame of the eyeglass, the shape and style, the brand, and so on. Even with contact lenses, you have to determine what kind of contact lens you would prefer. Decisions must be made with great care, and having options is a good way to ease the burden.

You would not want to choose whatever limited option they have. Call ahead of time to ask what kind of eyewear they can offer you. Find out if they have choices with the frames, the shape and sizes of the eyeglass and the frames, and if they have the brand of the frame that you prefer. 

These are the questions you can ask the optometrist in Macquarie Centre you are planning on visiting. Getting the answer to these questions is key to finding the best Macquarie Centre optometrist, so do not hesitate to ask them either ahead of time or when you visit their clinic.

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