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The outstanding tourism trends are always present over the years, not only serving the curiosity of tourists but also one of the market references for the tourism industry to adjust the quality of star services for the best fit.

Where to go? What? How to book a ticket? There are many things to prepare when planning travel. How to make the most of the precious holidays to relax or experience? There are countless opportunities for visitors to leverage technology into their exploration. So, how should we travel in 2020?

Here are 12 travel trends that promise to become a trend around the world.



Active vacations exploring local culinary flavors are increasingly popular and show no signs of slowing down. Even 18-33-year-old travelers are also affected by the opportunity to post photos of their food on Instagram, Facebook to show an authentic food experience from the local area where they come.

2.Travel to social media

The most prominent travel

Social media is playing a more important role in holiday options – especially for young people. Up to 40% of global citizens aged 18-33 consider the social media option when traveling.

Global tourism psychology shows that the motivation for people to visit tourist destinations is the introduction or discovery of their relatives and friends. Therefore, after the travel review, the unexplored destinations often become “hot” than ever.

3.Backpacking tourism

The growth of self-catering tourists is an inevitable trend in the context of low-cost airlines giving users more choices, economic development helps foreign tourism become popular. Nowadays, young people no longer rely too much on tour operators or fixed tours.

Many displaced believers often take the initiative in designing schedules, choosing places to play or learn how to balance spending during the trip. It is also easier and more convenient for Vietnamese people to choose foreign destinations to avoid crowded domestic destinations during big holidays and to find and book mobile services.

4.Traveling to take photos “check in”

The most prominent travel

For many young people, traveling is always an opportunity to capture many impressive and memorable moments. Besides the familiar shooting styles, many young people have created more unique poses. Or there are people who think of ways to bring “mascots” to travel to make a highlight for the series to life.

5.Travel savings

Luxury vacations are what the elite seek. However, there are always travelers who want to experience travel at a reasonable price. Saving will be a tourist trend that many people are interested in this year. Start your journey by simplifying and taking advantage of what’s available.

Living with indigenous people is also a way to save money on holiday travel at cheap prices. Book a homestay to experience and prepare your own local food. Visitors can find great rates online and countless comparison websites. In addition, this travel trend makes it easier to manage your finances and destinations.

6.Green travel

The year 2019 was chosen by the United Nations to be the year of “Sustainable Tourism Development” in order to call the community to travel in a more environmentally responsible way. On March 5, Facebook account Byron Román launched the movement to clean trash in tourist destinations and received much support from the online community.

Up to now, the issue of environmental pollution and global warming are directly affecting the choice of tourism methods for young people at the present time. Accordingly, environmentally friendly destinations and tours are becoming a trend that attracts the attention of many people.

7.Travel in digital technology


Right now, activities related to travel itineraries from accommodation, flights, tours … are selected by travelers to perform online transactions. Therefore, online booking becomes a continuous growth service.

Reportedly, 2018 revenue in the online booking segment when traveling has exceeded 92.5 million USD. Currently, over 57% of travelers usually book online before they leave. Therefore, experts predict the expansion of digital tourism space is the current trend.

The advantage of online booking is that travel agencies receive 24/7 online visitors. Just make sure you choose the right travel software to help you manage your online reservations. In Vietnam is also developing such a type of tourism, in which LUXSTAY’s homestay booking application is ranked number one on the rankings that are liked and trusted by users.

  1. The work of relaxing combination

Travel trends The term “do it play” sounds quite appealing and the truth is … it’s terrific. In recent years, companies have begun to allow employees to incorporate entertainment into their work.

In particular, in countries where employees are not on leave, this becomes a tourism trend for employees to find a balance between work and relaxation.

Businesses have realized that good employees are happy people. Therefore, they allow employees to work in an open space instead of a closed office. After the holiday, your employees will certainly work in a happy and relaxed mood.

  1. Adventure tourism

Travel trends Every year, tourists often spend their vacation for the purpose of relaxation. This year, however, professional travelers are more interested in more adventurous experiences.

From adventure sports like skydiving, waterfall to crossing forests, they are all on the list of brave travelers. However, the trend of adventure tourism does not mean that you only participate in active activities.

  1. Experience tourism

This year’s travel drift is not as well centered on gifts with costly materials any longer. Instead, they are more inquisitive about travel encounters. Savings, light luggage and online data will lead you to the leading destinations. Instead of cerebral pain considering about the volume of gift, you may center on the experience. Discover and appreciate a culminate pizza within the city of Naples, Italy. Or soak up the bustling boulevards of Unused York until you come over an curiously companion at the lovely bar in East Town. Take a few time to require photographs but do not disregard to appreciate each minute of the holiday.

  1. Independent ladies

The trend of solo travel today has become more prevalent than ever, not only for men but also for women. While some travelers want to spend time with friends and family, others want to spend time alone.

Ladies are getting to be increasingly free and making a decent footing in society. Discovering new things for yourself is another way for them to prove their independence and strong spirit. With the help of today’s innovative technology, traveling and experiencing life has become easier than ever.

  1. Attractive destination

Travel trends Every year, there are many new places that promise to become tourist trends. By 2020, there will be plenty of perfect travel destinations you can consider. Havana, Cuba is one of the cities that are receiving the most attention.

Now Americans will have more access to this beautiful country. Therefore, the number of visitors will surely skyrocket. This is a good time to visit this unique city before it is influenced by other cultures.

Cape Town, South Africa is also another interesting destination. From art exhibitions, wine lands to coastlines, exciting activities never seem to end. Japanese cities, from Kyoto to Osaka are also on the list of attractive destinations. Instead of focusing on the capital, Tokyo, other cities will also bring similar experiences and cultures to fewer tourists.

Traveling around the world is a great way to experience and learn. 2020 will be a time for you to experience the natural wonders with the help of technology. Take time to choose your goal, what you need to visit your destination and how you involvement your excursion, enjoy your your vacation.

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