Plagiarism has been a menace in the education system for a very long time. The problem of plagiarizing is increasing every day. This is just because people today are not aware of its consequences. Plagiarism has been normalized in the past few years without any guilt. 

The internet has also contributed its part in increasing the cases of plagiarism. Today people have the ease of fetching ideas, thoughts, facts, figures, and even complete articles from the internet without any fee or attributions. 

This problem needs to be identified and eradicated, and this must start with students. The students who plagiarize in their academic lives are the ones who would always do it in their professional ones. So first, we have to ensure that students know about plagiarism and its consequences. In this post, we will explain plagiarism and citation in detail. You would also find how to check plagiarism and remove it!

What is Plagiarism?

In a simple definition, plagiarism is copying and using ideas, words, or other forms of content from another source without proper attributions and references. It is also known as the duplication or reproduction of the work of another author without acknowledgement. Whatever the definition, maybe, you must understand that this is an absolutely ethical and illegal activity and has many adverse effects. 

The plagiarizing of academic work is known as academic plagiarism, which is one of the many types of plagiarism today in this world. Now the important thing that readers should know is that plagiarism harms parties, the doer and the victim. This is why we would always suggest you avoid it at all costs. The problem of plagiarism has a simple solution which includes three major steps:

  1. To identify or check plagiarism and its origin
  2. Reasons as for why students plagiarize
  3. Forming anti-plagiarism policies

Why do students plagiarize?

We have done a little research on a group of students from all across the globe and have drawn different reasons as a conclusion as to why they tend to copy or duplicate content even though they know this has bad consequences.

  1. They desire to get good marks or grades.
  2. They have a fear of failing the class.
  3. Poor time management is another reason for plagiarism.
  4. Disinterest in the assignment and the classwork.
  5. A wrong belief that they cannot and would not get caught.
  6. Confusion about what constitutes plagiarism.

Is plagiarism important in academic work?

Students have often told us that they had to plagiarize content because there was no other way around it. When you are creating academic work including assignments and research papers, you always have to rely on facts and ideas of other authors already published in books or on the internet. You indeed have to use the ideas and facts published by other writers in your content, but there is an honest way to do so which involves zero chances of getting accused of plagiarism.

But before we tell you about the solution to this problem, you have to understand that you can never duplicate content verbatim as this can get you into legal troubles and can cost you penalties. Today teachers can easily check plagiarism with online plagiarism checker tools.

The solution that we have given below is best for getting away with plagiarism in your academic work and professional jobs. 

Is there a way to check and remove academic plagiarism?

Students should know that the accusation of plagiarism can get them expelled from their institutes, and so they should always avoid it. When you are working on a research paper assignment, you must check plagiarism in it before submission.

An online plagiarism checker for students can help check plagiarism of all forms. You can easily authenticate the originality of your work with an accurate plagiarism checker. If you find traces of duplication in it, you can remove plagiarism by analyzing it in a reliable duplication checker. The plagiarism checker by is free and very easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about spending a single dime!

Using an article spinner to remove plagiarism

Today you can easily remove plagiarism by using an article spinner or by doing it manually rewriting the plagirzed lines. Article spinner tools are online utilities that can help you rewrite duplicate content in such a way that duplication would be removed from the text without tampering with its original concept. We would always suggest students use an AI-powered paraphrasing tool so that they can get duplication and readable content.

Even though article spinner tools can help you remove plagiarism. You still cannot use the content of another person without attributing them. This technique of attribution and crediting is known as a citation.

Citation – All you need to know about it!

Citation is the best way to avoid the accusation of plagiarism when you are making an assignment or working on a research paper. Citation is a reference to the source from where you have fetched information for your work. 

Citation is important every time you are directly quoting someone, paraphrasing another person’s content, or using essential thoughts and ideas of an author. Now citation is only valid when you are creating content based on the work of another person, and so you should know that you don’t need to cite when you are creating work by yourself or are presenting your ideas. 

The three major types of citation being used today are:

Reasons as for why citation is deemed to be important

Here are some of the top reasons you should cite when you are plagiarizing content from another source.

  1. A citation would help teachers cross-check the facts that they have established in the paper.
  2. Citation helps you become a better and more ethical researcher.
  3. Good citation and practice would help you be a better writer.
  4. A citation shows off your scientific knowledge.
  5. It helps you build credibility in the classroom as well as in professional life.
  6. It enables complete verification of your work.
  7. It simply helps you avoid the accusation of plagiarism.
  8. It saves you from academic misconduct.

To make proper citations, you have to keep track of the sources that you are using. If you somehow lose track of the links, you can always use the plagiarism checker to check plagiarism and find the matched sources!

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