Blood flow restriction cuffs are a relatively new method of healing. Its goal is to help each person increase their muscle mass and strength. Many studies are being done on the effectiveness and safety of this procedure and its use for rehabilitation. The current research has said that they need more studies to be done. However, they have had mild success with diagnosing the condition, showing a bit of success with this treatment. There is, however, further research that needs to be conducted for the safety of patients and their needs.

Where Blood Flow Cuffs Can Help

This type of restriction can help build your muscle mass and strength, but there is minimal loading of your muscle. It is an amazing idea for older people or anyone recovering from injury or immobilization. It also helps those who have had surgery. The reason for this is that the cuff will enable the use of low load exercises at a lower percentage of RM. The resistance has been said to have mild success because it focuses on activities that will minimize the complex patterns of movement that your body performs. 

Obviously, with this type of cuff, you will have exercises that you cannot perform because of how the cuff sits and functions. That is why you will have to work with someone who understands, like Source Fitness, what you can and can’t do and help you make it happen.

Things You Need To Consider With BFR

BFR includes a cuff and a particular placement. The placement of this cuff is vital to how it will help you, and you can’t get it wrong. The arrangement will determine the restriction, the pressure, and exercises safe for you to perform. If you attempt to do things that are not safe when wearing this cuff, instead of recovering, you will injure yourself. If you injure yourself, it will take you twice or even three times longer to recover. 

The width and material will play a vital role in the arterial occlusion. Measuring your blood pressure with a narrower cuff produces a higher value. They also block your blood flow more, so you should avoid them. Instead, it is recommended to use a wide cuff. Current studies that have been performed say that they have been testing widths from three centimeters to fifteen centimeters. 

Understanding This Type Of Therapy

BFR therapy is a relatively new form of healing, and while it does need additional studying and research, they have had a mild amount of success. However, learning never stops, and more research is being conducted as we speak. Now that you have read the tips on avoiding this therapy, you know what the road ahead will have for you and what you will need to do to make this successful. You will not be able to do every exercise you may be used to, but remember that this type of medical help is for recovery. Because recovery takes longer and you need to be more careful, you will need to avoid pushing too hard. 

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