The Undiscovered Significance of Qualitative Keyword Data

Qualitative data is generally considered crucial because of its usage as the sole data source while building out a strategy. A procedure focusing more on qualitative keyword data opens up new doors of opportunities and insights. However, it is very difficult to get tools that are 100% accurate and comprehensive. But it can be beneficial once you get a tool that shows completely accurate results.

How to Find Qualitative Keyword Data?

Albeit it is difficult to rely on the numbers completely, it can even get marked as an opportunity. Following are the few approaches that were proven to be useful:

  • Use Answer the Public & io: These are the tools that scrape Google’s auto-suggest feature to seek a range of long-tail keywords that you can miss in standard SEO tools. Several other similar tools can prove to be useful, including the renowned Keyword Shitter.
  • Opt for Search Console: There are times while a huge list of keywords shows up in your Search Console account. These keywords often get overlooked if you depend on Keyword Planner. You can enjoy the benefit of impressive numbers in this tool that will provide you a rough gauge of the number of searches occurring.
  • Use Autos-uggest in Google: This tool is a bit manual and helps you to get an idea of the types of searches taking place in your category. It even provides insight into the content that you put on your website. You can try queries with stuff like “which [brand]”, “why is [brand]”, and “best [brand]” to begin with.
  • Mine Customer Forums and Social Channels: Pay a strong focus on what your clients are saying online regarding your brand and other similar brands. There must be various FAQ inspiring comments and questions that can help you achieve a better understanding of the needs of the audience. You can even spot comments that provide broader informational campaigns and new product development.     

There are certain things that you need to take care of; the idea that keywords appear via this method means they get searched thoroughly. You can even generate a lot of clicks from keywords that have no recognized search volume on standard SEO tools.

Limitations of Search Volume Data

There are certain limitations associated with your search volume data. But that is possible to overcome with tools like Google Keyword Planner. Below are some of the points on how all SEO tools is in part reliant on this tool:

  • Google Keyword Planner groups allow you to request data around highly searched terms and gain no result within the platform. Even if you successfully receive the grouped term back, you can firmly tell the difference between the distinct keywords collected in this category and thus, miss an accurate view of how many audiences search for them.
  • Google also bundles the volumes that appear into specific bands and allows you to observe ranges like “50” and “90” along with the real average numbers.
  • If you are seeking proof that Google fails to show you, you can compare two words in Google Trends. You can then exercise the same thing in Google Keyword Planner and spot a big difference in results.
  • Google doesn’t disclose a great share of keyword volume data. You can begin with picking powerful content and pull out the most searched keywords and run them through a keyword planner. It can help you with two possible results, one you might not find some of them at all in the keywords planner. Second, you can spot a lower search volume than you expected so far.      

How to Combine Quantitative with Qualitative Data?

It is not necessary to rely on search volume data, but remember that it renders a beneficial guide of the most searched keywords in your space. You can even combine niche and high-volume targeted terms for long-term success.

It is better to ensure that the key pages on your website are capable of tackling the highest searched terms in your surroundings. However, make sure you also supplement this with your content so that it addresses the rich and varied data you acquire from a more qualitative approach. Qualitative keyword research will enable you to understand the size of your audience’s concerns and interests better.


Hence, these are some significance of qualitative keyword data that can help you to understand the difference and results more briefly. You can follow the results and make suitable changes that will prove to be beneficial for your site in the looming days.

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