All women wish to own the world as their ramp. And to achieve this state of uber-chic, they deserve the best that the fashion world has to offer. Investing in essentials from a luxury fashion boutique will always be a clever decision that brings timeless results. 

There are certain essentials that women should have despite their style or age. These items transcend the borders of time and remain as timeless classics that make a statement no matter the time, place, or event. It can also surpass fads or trends. Always invest in luxury essentials that offer the highest quality. 

Here are the top luxury items every woman should own:

1. A White Shirt is forever:

Is there any need to explain how much of a timeless trend it is? It is a simplistic wardrobe item that works well with various elements. Anyone can make it their own to fit their unique style custom t-shirts. Pair it up with a midi, a maxi dress, or shorts. Combine and contrast with knee-length, pleated, or any type of jeans. 

A white shirt can amp up the style of any look. Wear it for a beach trip or a party; it will always grab eyeballs. 

Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Givenchy, and other designers never fail to include this item in their collections. Movie Stars sporting a white shirt are still remembered for their iconic looks even if years have gone by since. 

2. A Touch of Trench:

It is a functional and yet stunning addition to the wardrobe. Few items fulfil both these conditions; a trench coat is one such essential product that flatters the waist and is a practical companion. 

Wearing one is an expression of the love for luxury. It works with any pairing, regardless of the bottom one chooses. Jeans, dresses, and pants have all looked better with its help. 

` It can make the spring and autumn wear more fun and fashionable. It is also one of the few clothing items that anyone can carry off easily, no matter what the body type or height is. However, taller women prefer it more to flatter their long legs. 

There are different variations of this piece that one can choose. From the classic trench to avant-garde versions gracing the ramp today, there are endless options. Bottega Veneta, Maison Margiela, and other designers offer different cuts, fringe, and even pockets. 

3. The rule of the LBD:

Can any list of fashion essentials be complete without the inclusion of the iconic little black dress? This item has been one of the most common reasons women step into a luxury fashion boutique, for when a situation demands it (sometimes even when it doesn’t). 

Since the time it was popularised by Coco Chanel in the 1900s, it has been on the runways to stay. It is a universal attire that anyone can sport any number of times. It can still look new and different each time; if one pays attention to pairing it up with exciting new accessories and footwear. 

Regardless of the occasion, an LBD will always stand out in a crowd. 

Balenciaga has some new designs in this item. And Stella Maccartney always manages to add a touch of theatricality to it. 

Clothes can make or break a person emotionally. Anyone will testify to the fact that how their mood instantly shifts when they wear something they love. So never put away the craving to shop for some luxury fashion. 

Apart from clothes, accessories and footwear also play a vital role in determining the overall success of the look. Do not forget to rehearse the whole outfit before stepping out. 

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